The Case for Replacing Exercise with Play

By Leo Babauta The Great White Whale when it comes to forming new habits, for most people, is exercise. Along with eating your vegetables, meditation, getting good sleep and quitting smoking, exercise is probably the most important habit change anyone can make. And yet, most people struggle with creating a lasting exercise habit. The solution […]

The New Conscious Heart Workshop

I’m happy to announce that we’re now taking registrations for a new 3-day workshop: The Conscious Heart Workshop. Since this workshop is very unique, I decided to create a video to tell you all about it. So please watch the video to learn about CHW and to decide if you want to be there. Here are the […]

Leave Yourself Wanting More

By Leo Babauta I think most of us have a tendency to do as much as we possibly can. But doing less might be better. When we go to a great restaurant, we want to try all the dishes, eat as much of the delicious food as we can. And we leave overstuffed, sometimes painfully […]

Gnocchi and Sautéed Veg in a Red Wine Sauce

By Luke Jones. Connect with him on Twitter. Yet another plant powered recipe inspired by meal out… That’s one of the bonuses of living in the city. Although it’s a little noisy and there’s not a whole load of green space, there’s plenty of good restaurants around that offer pretty affordable vegan meals for us to try […]

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Fail Faster at Habits

By Leo Babauta There are two extremely common obstacles that get in the way of people succeeding at habit change: Messing up on the habit and then quitting. Not starting because the habit change seems to hard or daunting. Have you faced these problems? The answer is almost certainly yes, because pretty much all of […]


50 Things I’ve Learned Since Adopting a Vegan Diet

By Luke Jones. Connect with him on Twitter. I’ve been eating a plant-based, vegan diet (or whatever you want to call it) for the best part of the last two years now. No meat, dairy or eggs, and only small amounts of processed foods now and again. And in their place: lots of fresh fruits […]

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The Anti-Bucket List

By Leo Babauta Have you ever made a bucket list? For me, they’re incredibly seductive — I love reading other people’s bucket lists, and making my own. But here’s what happens when you make a bucket list: You put this huge burden on yourself to get the list accomplished. As if we don’t already have […]

Getting Started with the Discipline Habit

By Leo Babauta What do you do if your life is a mess, you have no discipline or routines, can’t stick to anything, procrastinate, and feel out of control? How do you get started with the discipline habit when you have so much to change? You start by washing your dishes. It’s just one small […]

The Case for Caring About Your Work

By Leo Babauta Less than a decade ago, it seemed to become a trend to create “passive” income and outsource everything and go live on a beach while the money piled up in your bank account. The idea seemed to be that doing less work is good, and automation is the way to go. I […]

Simple Vegan Berry Crumble Recipe

By Luke Jones. Connect with him on Twitter. Desserts typically get a bad rap. Probably because most of them are packed full of things that aren’t that great for you… Since adopting the plant powered way, I’ve realised that not all treats have to be unhealthy to taste good. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat […]

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