Fatal Dating Mistakes

Did you ever make a foolish mistake and screw up an otherwise good connection with someone you were attracted to? Maybe you made the mistake during your approach. You said or did the wrong thing at the wrong time and killed your chances. Or perhaps it happened during a date. Everything was going okay up […]

Simple Mediterranean Wholefood Bowl Recipe

By Luke Jones. Connect with him on Twitter. It’s been a while, but we’re back on the recipe hype here at Health Room. This week we’re keeping it simple with a bowl of rice and veggies, made interesting by the addition of two jarred friends: the artichoke and sun-dried tomato. The dish is inspired by a combination of […]

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Make People Feel Good

A simple way to enjoy a happier and more abundant social life is to put some effort into making people feel good. Many people get so caught up thinking they have to rack up some accomplishments, get into better shape, become a person of high value, and more — just to give themselves permission to reach out and […]