The Underrated, Essential Art of Coping

By Leo Babauta You might think that when someone says, “I’m coping,” that it’s not such a big deal. You’d be wrong. The skill of coping is highly underrated, and our inability to cope with difficult feelings can lead to major problems, including health problems, financial ruin, work procrastination, even death. Not such an insignificant […]

Redesigning Your Life’s Interface

By Leo Babauta If you’ve ever tried to use a smart phone, or a website, you’re using a user interface. If done well, this interface has been designed to help you do what you want: check your messages, read an article, find information, get stuff done. Our lives have interfaces too. We just don’t often […]

Habit Relapse: What To Do If You Fall From Your Diet or Good Habits

By Leo Babauta A few people have written me recently about falling off their good habits: a relapse after months of healthy eating, or getting derailed from good habits they’ve been forming like exercise or writing. It’s discouraging to fall off your diet or good habits, and you an get to a point where you […]

Letting Go of the Need for Control

By Leo Babauta One of the (many) things I struggle with in life is wanting to feel in control of how things will turn out — control of a trip that I’m on, of a project I’m working on, of how my kids will turn out. Often, it’s not such a helpful way to be. […]

The Transformative Power of the Gratitude Habit

By Leo Babauta There’s a small habit that I practice, that can turn difficult situations into much better ones — and it won’t surprise you. It’s the habit of gratitude. This is such a simple habit, and it’s one that we often forget to practice. But when we do, it can transform our entire perspective, […]