Holiday ReleasingFest (Free)

Learning Strategies is hosting a free audio streaming event this week, based on the Sedona Method. It’s intended to help you destress and enjoy the holidays more, and it covers overcoming various limiting beliefs and inner blocks. It’s called ReleasingFest and runs for six days, from Nov 28 to Dec 3. I’ve gone through a…

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Video: How We Get Hooked, & How to Unlearn Our Patterns

By Leo Babauta In more ways than we often realize, we get caught up in our stories, and get latched into mental patterns that leave us frustrated, angry, full of resentment … or cause us to procrastinate. In other words, getting caught up is the cause of lots of our problems. I recorded a webinar […]

The Mental Habit of Feeling Rushed & Overwhelmed

By Leo Babauta As we dive into the holiday season, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, rushed, even irritated by family members and others around us. I’d like to encourage you to try a mindfulness practice. Here’s the practice: Notice each time you feel rushed, anxious or overwhelmed. Try to develop an awareness of it throughout […]


just two pieces of bread

I heard a saying from India,“All you need are two chapattis a day.” It doesn’t literally mean you should subsist on two pieces of bread a day, but is a reminder of how little we actually need. I’ve found this saying useful lately, as I’ve had urges to eat delicious food, buy more clothes, and more. […]

The Fearless Challenge

By Leo Babauta There’s a big part of all of us that doesn’t ever want to face our fears. The fears operate in the backs of our minds, affecting our lives in so many ways: we procrastinate, lash out at others in frustration, hold ourselves back from connecting with others in a meaningful way, stop […]


The Path of Fearlessness

By Leo Babauta The more I work with people who are struggling with habits or life problems, the more I see how fears are holding us back. Fears stop us from building healthy and productive habits. Fears cause us to procrastinate, keep us from finding work that is meaningful (or doing that work if we’ve […]

30 Days of Disneyland – Day 21

Since experiencing Disneyland from the objective perspective has grown stale, lately I’ve been viewing it through the subjective lens and pondering the events there more symbolically. When I do this, I usually pay attention to whatever seems to stand out in my mind. Broken Systems In the past few days, Rachelle and I have encountered…

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30 Days of Disneyland – Day 20

I really enjoyed our 20th day at Disneyland yesterday (Sunday). Rachelle and I had a lot of fun together, especially in the evening when we cracked up laughing while making some silly videos. I didn’t enjoy the experience nearly as much on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday though. I thought about why I enjoy the experience…

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confessions of a minimalist

I have to confess that in recent years, I’ve often lost my minimalist way. The reason is that I get caught up in an obsession, and then I let myself give in to impulses. For example: I got obsessed with chess last year, and bought a new chess set, a tournament set, and an embarrassing […]