The 12 Week Plan Book Review

“The 12 Week Year” is a very good book and a very useful concept, especially for those who repeatedly struggle with accomplishing their yearly goals. Ups, I spilled the beans, but the main idea here is to set your goals and plan for them four times a year, not just once. And it makes all […]


Two Coaching Spots With Leo Now Open

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ― Rumi By Leo Babauta My friends, I’m opening up two spots for my 1-on-1 coaching service, which is aimed for those who would like to start changing their lives, shifting their patterns, and starting true transformation. I’m looking for people who: Are doing […]

A Mindful Method for When You’re Tired

By Leo Babauta My family & I flew back to California after nine months of being in Guam, and boy are our arms tired! OK, our entire bodies are tired, and our brains — we’re suffering from jet lag and feeling tired during the day. This isn’t necessarily a problem — jet lag is to […]

Riding the Turbulence of Life Like a Wave

By Leo Babauta We’re in the middle of a big move back to California from Guam, and things are in great flux. Saying goodby to everyone, packing and shipping stuff, not having a home yet, traveling with kids on a couple long flights, moving our old stuff from storage in a U-Haul, finding our way […]


How to Make Yourself Better Each Day

I know a method that is amazingly effective. It works for me. It works for every human being because we are created to utilize it. It’s very simple, but it isn’t easy. It works like magic; it works on autopilot with little to no conscious effort. It works every day. I know a method that […]

Seventy First Income Report – February 2019 ($4,507.82)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report. February 2019 was a month of serious hustling. I didn’t slow down January’s pace. I give quite a chunk of the credit to the 12WeekYear coaching group I was involved in. I diligently planned my weeks a few days ahead […]

The 11 Life Lessons It Turns Out I’ve Taught My Six Kids

By Leo Babauta On my 46th birthday recently, my (mostly adult) kids wrote out a list of lessons I’d taught each of them in their lives so far. Each wrote their own list, and my wife Eva sweetly put them together in a notebook. As I read through them, I felt like crying. It’s so […]