The Everyday Mindfulness Practice of Direct Experience

By Leo Babauta When I first started practicing Zen meditation years ago, I thought it was to make me more calm. Then it was to make me less reactive. Then to make me less attached to things. These things all happen if you meditate regularly, as many of you know. But one of the most […]

How to Not Believe Your Ultra-Persuasive Rationalizations

By Leo Babauta I’ve come to realize that smart people are very good at creating super persuasive arguments for why the shouldn’t do the thing they’re fearing doing. This past week, I’ve worked with half a dozen intelligent people who have convinced themselves to give in to their resistance, over and over. They’re persuasive, convincing […]

Matchers and Mismatchers

Sometime during the 90s, I listened to an audio program that explained the differences between matchers and mismatchers. Matchers are “yes, and” people who see the upsides of an idea more prominently than the downsides. If you share a new idea with them, they’ll see how the idea could work and may offer suggestions for…

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5 Unexpected Benefits of Planning Your Week in a Google Sheet

In 2019 I started a habit of planning my weeks ahead. I’ve never done that before. I made a couple of feeble attempts in the past, but I quickly abandoned them. I couldn’t keep my weekly commitments, it frustrated me to no end, and I quit. I picked up this habit as a direct result […]


Deep Abundance Integration Ebook Volume 2 Published

Volume 2 of the Ebook version of the Deep Abundance Integration course is now published to that course’s portal. All DAI participants will find a link to this bonus on the course’s Gifts page, so you can download it now or read it online. It’s yours to keep. This new volume covers lessons 11-20 and…

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