Weight Loss Mastery Book Review

This is a very solid book written by a couple of practitioners. The content and flow are perfect. The only cons of the book are not in the book, but rather what was left out. CONS 1. The elephant in the room. I kept reading the book and felt a huge omission. The authors ideally […]

Little Luxuries

If you took all the money you spend on luxury lattes each year and saved it instead, you’d have a little bit more money but a less luxurious life. But you’d also risk getting more entrenched in a scarcity mindset because scaling back your lifestyle just to save a little extra money is mostly a…

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How the 21/90 Rule Helps You Build Good Habits and a Better Life?

I’ve heard of the 21/90 rule for the first time very recently. In fact, I had to google it to get the idea of what it is. But I think it’s awesome. Thanks to my expertise in building habits, I can tell you exactly how the 21/90 rule helps in building good habits. The rule […]