Tiny Habits Book Review

This book is VERY good. One of the best nonfiction books I’ve ever read (I’ve lost count, probably over 1,000 books). It doesn’t change the fact that there are some cons, and as usual, I’ll start with them. CONS 1. The Flaw The main con of the book is a piece of absolute, utter hogwash […]

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Loving the Chaos

Since I began blogging in 2004, my website has been hacked half a dozen times. People I’ve never met have published scathing personal criticisms of me as a human being. Some have sent me hateful messages, including the occasional death threat. My ex-wife actually had to get the FBI involved to deal with a nasty…

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Call, Raise, or Fold

Let me share one of my favorite techniques for simplifying complicated decisions. There’s a popular form of poker called Texas Hold’em, and in this game (as well as in many other poker variants), you just really just have three possible decisions on each turn: call, raise, or fold. So you can call – or match…

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Just Deciding

If clarity won’t succumb to an information-based approach, how can we possibly make any headway here? Don’t we need reliable information in order to make good decisions about our lives? Here’s the thing: we actually don’t. We often make decisions without perfect information, and we still get by. We don’t freeze up constantly. Every day…

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Retreating to Truth

People often ask me to help them make decisions. Sometimes these are situations where consciously weighing the pros and cons may be prudent. But more often than not, when the options are presented, it’s reasonably clear what the person would like to do. They’ve already decided. What they’re really asking is how to get aligned…

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Becoming Aware of Your Reflections

Once when I was going through customs at the airport in Winnipeg, Canada to visit Rachelle, I got pulled aside for extra questioning. The suspicious young agent somehow convinced himself that I was on an errand of ill intent and interrogated me about my reasons for visiting. He went through the files on my laptop,…

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