Retreating to Truth

People often ask me to help them make decisions. Sometimes these are situations where consciously weighing the pros and cons may be prudent. But more often than not, when the options are presented, it’s reasonably clear what the person would like to do. They’ve already decided. What they’re really asking is how to get aligned…

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Becoming Aware of Your Reflections

Once when I was going through customs at the airport in Winnipeg, Canada to visit Rachelle, I got pulled aside for extra questioning. The suspicious young agent somehow convinced himself that I was on an errand of ill intent and interrogated me about my reasons for visiting. He went through the files on my laptop,…

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Honoring Negative Predictions

There are situations in life where we develop fairly consistent negative predictions regarding how those situations will turn out, but then we don’t actually honor those predictions. For instance, suppose you’ve had some corporate jobs, and they’ve never turned out well for you. You never really liked them. They’ve never put you in situations where…

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The Heartbreaking Effects of Being Only Partly Committed to Most Things

By Leo Babauta If we’re absolutely honest with ourselves, most of us are only half-committed to most things — in many cases, much less than half-committed. We say that we’re going to change our diet, but are we fully committed? Do we make a meal plan and buy the groceries and clear out the junk […]


The Lens of Story

A powerful lens you can use for making sense of life is the lens of story. What’s especially powerful about story is that it beautifully integrates the objective and subjective lenses. There’s the objective side of a story, such as the settings, characters, and events. And there’s the subjective side, meaning your thoughts, feelings, and…

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