Speed Upgrades

You may have noticed that pages on StevePavlina.com are loading faster than before. That’s because I switched to a different web host yesterday. This site was previously hosted on Siteground since 2016. I was happy with Siteground in the beginning, but I feel they’ve been going downhill for the past year or so, and there’s…


How to Do the Thing You’re Avoiding

By Leo Babauta Most of us have something on our task list we’re avoiding. Or a project we’ve been putting off. Think for a moment: what’s the task or project you’ve been avoiding lately? Some possibilities: That report you don’t want to write Your book or blog you’ve been meaning to write The business you’ve […]

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Going Facebook-Free for 2021

This week I closed my Facebook page and profile and deleted the app, so I’m no longer on Facebook. I’m looking forward to a Facebook-free year. I had left the service before but rejoined about 4 years ago to participate in a paid one-year coaching program, which led to more paid programs that involved Facebook…


Benefits of Eating Raw

It’s wonderful to be on Day 7 of my year of eating raw. I think I’m past the initial detox phase, and I’m flowing nicely into the beneficial part of this experience. It really has been super easy to reload these habits – not really a challenge, just a different way of experiencing life. As…

Beginning a Year of Raw Foods

For the first time ever, I’m doing back-to-back one-year challenges. Yesterday I completed my one-year daily blogging challenge (and wrote a retrospective of the experience on the final day). Today I’m rolling into Day 1 of an entirely different kind of challenge, which is to be a raw foodist for the 2021 year. While 30-day…

Essential Zen Habits of 2020

By Leo Babauta What a freaking year it’s been. I don’t need to tell you. It’s been chaos and grief and frustration and anxiety and much more. It’s also been a year of growth for me, and for my mission. In fact, in that area, it’s been one of the best years ever. In this […]

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