Month: January 2021

SYSTEMology Book Review

I’m super pumped to tell everybody about this book. I’ve already caused a few people to buy it. And they will earn thousands, if not millions, of dollars because they read SYSTEMology. It’s the ultimate book about creating, and using!!!, systems in your business. However, it is not without the… CONS 1. Page 66 – […]

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New Productivity Interview: Your Relationship With Your Work

Here’s a new podcast interview I did with Peter Akkies from How They Get Stuff Done, which shares some unique insights about how to be more productive. Instead of the usual low-level hacks, this interview focuses on improving your core relationships with your work and projects. A natural productive flow becomes easier and more consistent…

Driven by Curiosity

People often ask me what drives me. While there can be many motivations for taking action, I’d say that one of my biggest drivers is curiosity. I love to learn, and I find it most valuable to learn through hands-on direct experience. In my early years of exploring personal development, I did a combination of…


By Leo Babauta Every day, we are dealing with a thousand things, overrun by emails and messages and tasks and chores … and it can become overwhelming and shut us down. I’d like to talk about an idea I’ve been working with, called the Stateless Protocol. It’s meant to reduce the overwhelm and help us […]

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Four Self-Improvement Habits which Had the Biggest Impact on My Life

Small activities that provided great benefits It’s hard to say which of my self-improvement habits has had the biggest impact on my life. I have too many of them and introduced them into my life in a very rapid fashion. So, it is really hard to measure and recognize which habits have been the most impactful. […]

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Speed Upgrades

You may have noticed that pages on are loading faster than before. That’s because I switched to a different web host yesterday. This site was previously hosted on Siteground since 2016. I was happy with Siteground in the beginning, but I feel they’ve been going downhill for the past year or so, and there’s…