A Driven Life Book Review

Midas Touch – This is how this book should be titled. My head spins when I try to recall how many successful businesses this guy started, and how many struggling businesses he helped. Granted, he had a quite few decades to accomplish this feat, but still… That was incredible. The whole read was very enjoyable […]

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The Guilt of Not Working More, When We’re Done for the Day

By Leo Babauta At the end of a day of work, there can be a simple practice of wrapping things up and shutting down for the day. But so many of us feel guilty at simply stopping, and this feeling that we should be doing more … it drives some of us to keep going […]

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The Fear of Putting Our Work Out There

By Leo Babauta One of the most common fears of anyone who is creating something, whether it’s online content or art or a new business or startup … is the fear of putting our work out there in the world. It’s a fear that has us procrastinating, researching endlessly, checking social media, answering emails, buying […]

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305 People Enroll in Amplify in First 2 Weeks

Our new Amplify course just opened two weeks ago, and so far 305 people have enrolled in it, so lots of people are now working through the lessons to upgrade their creative flow. I’ve published 18 lessons for the course since we began, and I’m continuing to design, record, and publish a new lesson each…


Spiritual Marketing

In January I deleted my Facebook and Instagram accounts, so I launched the new Amplify course without social media and with no advertising. I did share the invitation video on YouTube, but it only had a few hundred views there. I felt attracted to the idea of pulling my business focus inward. Instead of reaching…

Amplify Launch Discount Expires Tonight

The 40% off launch discount for the new Amplify course on creative productivity expires tonight at midnight Pacific time (at the end of Tuesday, March 16). Note that I’m also offering all Amplify customers a credit for the full price of the course, which can be applied towards the purchase of an annual Conscious Growth…


Amplify Launch Discount Extended Plus a CGC Purchase Credit

I’ve decided to extend the Amplify course launch discount, which saves you 40% on the new course, through midnight Pacific time on Tuesday, March 16, 2021. The reason is that I’ve decided to offer a full purchase credit for any Amplify members who wish to join Conscious Growth Club during our 2021 enrollment period in…


Amplify Purchase Credit for Joining CGC

I’ve decided to offer a purchase credit for all Amplify course customers for a membership in Conscious Growth Club when CGC opens for new members in April, meaning that the full cost of the course will be applied to reduce the price of a CGC membership if you wish to join CGC next month. A…

Allowing Ourselves to Feel Joy During the Day

By Leo Babauta I’ve come to the realization that most of us don’t allow ourselves to feel joy most days. Sure, maybe on some kind of big occasion, we’ll let ourselves run around whooping with joy … but mostly not. Think about you past week: have they been joyful and wondrous? Or routine, full of […]

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Amplify Launch Discount Ends at Midnight on March 12

Just a quick reminder that the $200 discount for Amplify – our online, all-in creative productivity deep dive experience – ends at midnight Pacific time today, March 12. So if you want to save $200, now is the time. We have less than 12 hours to go… Get the details, watch the invitation video, and…