305 People Enroll in Amplify in First 2 Weeks

Our new Amplify course just opened two weeks ago, and so far 305 people have enrolled in it, so lots of people are now working through the lessons to upgrade their creative flow.

I’ve published 18 lessons for the course since we began, and I’m continuing to design, record, and publish a new lesson each day. My goal is to build the course to at least 60 lessons, so that will take at least another 42 days (6 weeks).

You’re welcome to join the course at any point and participate in the journey. This is a great time to join since hundreds of people are now going through the course together, which certainly amps up the energy of the experience.

I hosted our second live Zoom call for Amplify this morning, so we have six more of those live calls to go. Zoom is an audio course, and these group video calls are an extra bonus for those who want to enjoy connecting with other creative adventurers as we go through the course together. Our live calls are every Wednesday at 10am Pacific time, from now through April 28, 2021. While the course will be available for years, these lives calls are only happening in March and April of 2021.

All of the live calls are recorded too, so you’ll get the recordings when you enroll in the course. There is something special about attending them live though since then you can participate in the interactive sharing, which a lot of people have been enjoying. These calls can also help you apply the material in the course to improve your results.

Here are the titles of the 18 lessons that are published so far, in case you’re curious:

Module 1 – The Frame Game

1.1 – Creative Reframes
1.2 – Solution Neighborhoods
1.3 – Framing Traps
1.4 – Creative Stability
1.5 – Your Core Creative Relationship
1.6 – Honoring Your Muse
1.7 – Creative Adventures
1.8 – Powerful Intentions
1.9 – Inviting the Flow of Money
1.10 – Dissolving Threats

Module 2 – Opportunity

2.1 – Curiosity
2.2 – Appreciation
2.3 – Purpose
2.4 – Emotional Opportunities
2.5 – A Precious Audience
2.6 – Your Audience Relationship
2.7 – Audience Alignment
2.8 – Being a Bear

The average lesson is around 15 minutes, so these are nice bite-sized pieces.

Join us when you’re ready for this epic journey. 🙂