3D Flat Style Icons Pack by PixelKit

Today’s freebie is a guest post by PixelKit, who create premium user interfaces, icons and graphic resources for web designers.

Quite kindly they’ve offered our readers the chance to sample one of their premium icon packs in this superb set of 3D flat style icons.

It’s definitely a contradictory statement to describe something as 3D and flat, but well, when you look at ‘em, you’ll see what I mean.

The team at PixelKit have done a wonderful job crafting this pack of icons, dubbed “5 O’clock Shades“, which contains 76 mixed icons for websites, communities, devices and more.

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The download offered on DesignerCandies todays is a sample selection of 16 icons from the full 5 O’clock Shades 76 icon pack.

It’s also the first icon pack we’ve published on DCandies, so let me know if you find this resource useful in your work and I’ll see if I can post some more!

If you’d like to learn more about PixelKit and access the rest of the 5 O’clock Shades icon pack, you can do so on their website – you’ll find all the details inside the download.

Other than that, it’s time to download some fresh icon goodness! Enjoy :)

Download Download1721 downloads 3D Flat Style Icons Pack Preview: Free Smartphone Icon

The icons are created using vector shape layers meaning they each scale beautifully!

Free User Icon

There are 16 icons included in this sample pack (out of a total of 72 in the full pack) ranging in uses from users and community to devices and account management.

Flat Style DJ Icon

Each icon is stunningly detailed and finished to a tremendous high quality. They’d make fantastic app icons!

Download Download1721 downloads

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