3D Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns

Sure there's witches, bats, ghouls and ghosts, but when it comes to Halloween clipart, few things are more symbolic than pumpkin Jack-o-Lanterns.

So whether you're creating flyers, posters, invitations or Instagram graphics, this set of PNG Jack-O-Lanterns is sure to come in handy.

To further enhance the use of this pack, we've included 2 styles of evil-looking pumpkins.

The first is a realistic, orange, as-you'd-expect style pumpkin, whilst the second features a stylized, metallic finish. Trust me when I say they look really cool!

This gives you the option to use these png renders for a much wider range of work and clients.

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There are 5 unique Halloween pumpkin renders included in this pack in .PNG format.

The overall style of each pumpkin is similar, but each has a unique “face” and shape. Some are short & squashed whilst others are more rounded – just like pumpkins in real life.

Each render also comes in two styles – realistic and metallic – and is rendered at around 2,500×2,500 px, making them ideal for both screen and print design projects.

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Halloween Pumpkin Jack-O-Lanterns Preview:

Below you can see previews of each of assets included in this pack.

Halloween Pumpkin PNGs

As you can see from the above image, these Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns are seriously impressive. A subtle blur and some additional highlights draws your eye in and makes them pop off the page.

I have included this above image in the final download in PSD format, so you can dig into my layers and see how I have achieved this result.

I figured that it would be better to share these pumpkins in their “raw” PNG state instead of sharing edited versions like this, as you may not want to use them in the same way I have done. See the full collection below:

Halloween Pumpkins

High-Resolution Pumpkin PNGs

What do you think of this Halloween themed resource? Is it useful for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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