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In my early school days, all the boys in my class would collect, trade and battle small plastic figurines called Crazy Bones. They were sculpted little monsters about the size of a hard boiled sweet, with oversized features and a glossy sparkling surface.

If you don’t know what they are it doesn’t matter, but you can give ‘em a search on Google to find out. For those of you who do remember them, you’ll understand why the name CandyBones is apt for this free designer resource.

In today’s free download, you get your candy-lovin’ fingers on a set of miniature 3D objects that are just waiting to be played with inside of Photoshop. Just like the Crazy Bones of yesteryear, our CandyBones come with playfully oversized features and a glossy surface texture. To top off the candy-ness of this download, each object has a hard boiled candy-like marbling that almost makes them look edible!

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As an added bonus in this pack, we’ve also included the original 3D objects along with a Photoshop CS6 & CC compatible 3D PSD document.

What does this mean?

It means that if you have either CS6 or CC, you’ll be able to customise these Photoshop 3D objects just as you would with a professional 3D modelling software. You can rotate the objects in a 3D workspace, change the colours and edit textures until they meet your designer’s eye requirements.

No need to take it seriously though – you can simply use these small 3D objects as your entry into the Photoshop 3D workspace. It can be a little daunting at first, but you’ll figure it out. Especially as you’re inside the native Photoshop interface, navigating windows, options and tools should be slightly familiar.

File info:

Included in this download are five different objects: a truck, pony, t-rex, turtle and gecko. Each objects is available as a transparent png render, original .obj file and a Photoshop compatible 3D PSD.

As usual, this download is uncopyrighted, so have fun and use the resources as you wish!

Download2343 downloads Includes Photoshop CS6 & CC compatible 3D objects: Photoshop Compatible 3D Objects

Each of the 3D items included in this CandyBones download comes as a 3D object that is fully compatible with Photoshop CS6 and Photoshop CC 3D features. We’ve also included renders, for those of you with older PS versions.

Free Gold Object Renders Preview:

CandyBones - Truck

CandyBones - Pony

CandyBones - Turtle

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