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Conscious Growth Club Opens on April 27, 2020

Our annual opening of Conscious Growth Club – where we open the doors for new members to join us – will be April 27 to May 1, 2020. So. we’ll have a 5-day opening (Mon-Fri), starting a week from today.

If you don’t join within that time, you’ll have to wait till next year for the opportunity to come around again.

I’ll share an invitation video on April 27 with all the details.

If you’d like to be notified when the doors open, be sure to join the notification list on the Conscious Growth Club web page, and I’ll send you an email when we open.

CGC currently has 150 members, and we’re about to begin our 4th year together. It’s a private community where we all help and support each other to stretch ourselves, to improve our results, and to live in greater alignment with our personal values and standards.

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Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the web site stevepavlina.com and the book Personal Development for Smart People.

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