Dusting Myself Off After Falling Down


Earlier this year, I started writing a beta version of my new book on training yourself to do your meaningful work … and I got 1,000 people to volunteer to be beta testers! It was a ton of fun.

Then I fell off my writing, because of a number of projects that demanded my attention. I got almost daily emails from beta testers asking if I was still writing the book. Frankly, I was embarrassed that I fell off!

That kind of embarrassment is natural, but it can stop us from actually starting again. And starting again is the main thing. No matter how often we fall off the horse, we just gotta get back on.

And so I’m admitting my embarrassment to all of you, and shaking it off. Dusting myself off, and getting back up.

I’ll start again this week. Owning my embarrassment for falling off track, and committing to starting again, with compassion and passion. That’s how I’m working with this.

Sending you all love!

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