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I was simply messing around in Photoshop yesterday with this. It wasn’t intended as a freebie resource (and probably isn’t good enough to be one), however I figured some may find it useful to dig into.

There are a plethora of ways to make 3D text in Photoshop. You can use Photoshop’s now rather powerful 3D tools, clever layer styles or smart objects that layer over the top of one another.

In this PSD I’ve used the third option: smart objects. Using smart objects for 3D effects does make it slightly more difficult to transfer elements between projects, but they can yield deeper and more realistic 3D effects.

Some of you may notice the background of this PSD has been made using our folded paper textures and halftone dot patterns.

There are 2 different 3D text styles in this PSD, each with a flat-ish retro-ish appearance to them.

You will need two fonts for this file:

Montserrat Birds of Paradise How to use this freebie (and edit a Smart Object):

First, make sure you have installed the fonts I have just mentioned and linked you to above.

Ok, the text in this PSD is made from Smart objects and some of you may not know how to use Smart Objects.

The reason I am sharing this PSD is not because of the quality of the asset (because it isn’t really), but so newbies can dig into the smart object layers and see how the effect is made.

So, to edit the text –

Open up the PSD in Photoshop and find the layers called “Edit me”. I’ve marked them in green. You’ll need to open up the layer folders to find them. You’ll notice there is a little icon on the thumbnail of the “Edit me” layers. That’s because they’re a Smart Object layer. Smart objects are often linked to multiple other smart object layers, so when you edit one, they will all update. Double click on the little icon you see on the layer thumbnail, OR right-click on the “Edit me” layer and select “Edit Contents”. A new window will open containing editable text. In this new window, change the text to whatever you want. Make sure your text fits inside the canvas or it will look strange when complete. Once you have changed the text, hit save. You can do this by going to File ›› Save, or by clicking Cntrl+S
(Cmd+S for Mac). Once saved, close the window. You’ll now see that the 3D text has changed to the text you entered in the Smart object window! Wahoo! Download16892 downloads Preview:

3D Text PSD

Download Download16892 downloads

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