Free Aluminium Foil Textures Pack

I love using textures in my work. Today I was designing a New Year’s Eve poster and wanted to use a tinfoil texture as the background. I downloaded a couple of free textures and they looked super good, but I figured it couldn’t be too hard to make my own.

So I popped down to the store and picked up some aluminium foil (or aluminum as our American friends will say!), plugged in my scanner and got to work.

Boy was I wrong, scanning crumpled foil is a nightmare and you’ll see a bunch of my errors in these files (sorry).

Scanners – at least my scanner – isn’t made to capture images in a large focal area. They’re made to capture flat scans of paper. The crumpled surface texture of the foil therefore results in a lot of blurring in the peaks and troughs of the foil.

Aside from a little cropping, I haven’t done any post-processing on these textures so you will see a bunch of imperfections. Nonetheless, I did choose the best of the scans to share with you today :)

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I have used these same textures in the feature image up at the top, but first I did run them through the Sharpen filter twice to give them that extra sharp effect. To achieve the same effect, simply open the texture in PS and go to Filter > Sharpen.

If you’d like to change the colour of the textures, add a colour overlay in the FX panel and set the blend mode to Overlay. Or, you can clip the textures to coloured text or other layers and set the texture blend mode to Overlay. I’m sure you’ll figure it out!

File info:

There are 11 high resolution textures included in this download. Each texture is a full sized unedited 300dpi grayscale A4 scan. As usual with the rest of our freebies, this set of free foil textures is complete Uncopyrighted. Enjoy!

Download Download12806 downloads Preview: Free Tinfoil Texture

These free tinfoil textures are simply raw scans of everyday kitchen foil.

Free Aluminium Foil Texture

There are a variety of 11 aluminium textures included in the pack of varying crumple intensities.

Free Foil Texture

These free foil textures make great backgrounds when used lightly, and help create fantastic text effects.

Free Aluminum Foil Texture

I’m not sure if there’s any difference between aluminium and aluminum textures, but if there are I’m sure some of our American followers can point it out to me ;)

Download Download12806 downloads

What do you think of these free aluminium foil textures? Would you like more like this? Leave a comment and let me know below!

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