Free Seamless Grass Patterns & Textures

These free tileable grass patterns are a quick & easy way to add high-quality, realistic grass textures to your work in just a click.

Inside this download, we've put together 5 unique seamless green grass patterns. There's also a bunch of “extras” to overlay on top of the patterns, such as weeds and daisies, giving your grass & lawn textures that extra bit of realism.

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  • For those of you who're not Photoshop users, or want to work with other pattern supporting software, we've also included the original high-resolution grass texture png files, along with standalone full HD JPEG grass textures.

    As with all our resources, these 3D grass patterns are public domain and can be used royalty free. So don't sweat licensing!

    We've been releasing a lot of realistic patterns of late, and these 3d grass textures are no different.

    Ideal when you need a grassy background, perhaps for soccer designs or in-game graphics. Whatever you choose to use them for, we're sure you'll be impressed!

    Download Free Seamless Grass Patterns

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    Seamless Grass Patterns & Textures Previews

    Seamless Grass Pattern/Texture 1
    Each of these grass patterns is seamless, featuring hyperrealistic grass blade textures.

    Seamless Grass Pattern/Texture 2
    There are 5 different styles of grass, made from different 3D grass materials.

    Seamless Grass Pattern/Texture 3
    At a quick glance, these 3D patterns are easily mistaken for real grass photographs.

    Seamless Grass Pattern/Texture 4
    For something different, we've also added a tall flowering style of grass alongside lawn-style textures.

    Seamless Grass Pattern/Texture 5
    The final pattern is a little rougher, showcasing more dirt from the ground below.

    Bonus Flower Elements
    Bonus floral elements are included to help add extra realism to your projects.

    Download Free Seamless Grass Patterns

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