General Purpose Grime Textures

Quickly and easily add subtle dirt effects to your work with these free high-res grime textures. The General Purpose Grime Textures pack by DesignerCandies contains nine scanned-in grimy textures with varying intensity levels, making them great for both heavy and subtle grime effects.

These textures were salvaged from my design work today. I’ve been spray painting on the ground and these textures were taken from scans of the paper I used to line the floor with.

So yes, I admit they are the sloppy seconds of today’s design work, however that doesn’t mean they’re not an incredibly useful resource!

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In the previews below, I’ve given the final image a bit of a sharpen before posting. So to achieve a similar effect, place the texture over your image, change the blend mode of the texture to multiply, then flattened the image and go to Filters > Sharpen > Sharpen. Voila!

Don’t just leave the textures as black grime on white paper. Invert the colours to get different effects with different blend modes.

Have fun with the sloppy seconds! As usual, these freebie textures are Uncopyright, so do as you wish with them!

Download Download13777 downloads Preview:

Photoshop Grime Textures Preview

Download Download13777 downloads

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