Money Stacks & Falling Money Pack

Damn, I know the content on DesignerCandies is valuable to graphic designers, but to go as far as giving away free money! We must be crazy… Well, we would be if it were real hehe!

Introducing the latest addition to our Candy Jar: The DesignerCandies Money Pack

I know I’m far from being alone when I say that this is one incredibly useful asset pack for graphic designers, no matter what your specialty.

Businesses and brands around the globe like to show savings, money-makings, competition windfalls and luxuriousness in the form of the paper mullah. And what better way to do that than with stacks upon stacks of one hundred dollar bills?

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Ahh, the drawback. Yes, this pack is limited only to the American $100 bill, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a useful asset for you candy loving larks. The specs on this pack are awesome.

Included are 16 unique 3D renders – which could be mistaken for photographs – in a variety of forms. There are stacks of money (or bands) piled on top of one another and isolated single pieces of paper money rendered as though they’re falling. The isolated falling money renders are great when mixed together.

You can see from the previews below how valuable a piece of kit this freebie is!

File details:

There are 16 high quality transparent .png money renders included in this pack. Each render is around 1000px in height/width and rendered at 300dpi, making them exceptionally useful for both print and web media.

As usual, this pack is uncopyrighted so do with it as you please! (and have lots of fun)

Download16698 downloads Money Stacks and Falling Money Preview: Money Stacks png

High quality, transparent .png stacks of money ($100 bills)

Money Bands

The stacks of money (banded money) also come in multiple layout variations.

Isolated Money Stack / Band

Don’t want the money stacked on top of one another? That’s cool, we’ve got some isolated money bands too!

Falling Money .Png

Individual isolated falling $100 bills come in a variety of angles.

Falling Dollar Bills

Mix and match together the isolated money renders to create a brilliant falling money effect.

Falling Money & Money Stacks Pack

Here you can see all 16 included renders in all their glory! Free money huh?

Download Download16698 downloads

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