Stamp-O-Matic – A Vintage Stamp & Seal Brush Set

Vintage-retro themes are all the rage right now. Old is the new new.

Working on a project today I needed a set of vintage-looking stamps to be added over a crumpled paper texture. After a bit of browsing around and an hour inside of Photoshop: Stamp-O-Matic is born.

I created this set of brushes using images from The British Library’s Flickr Stream.

All the images on Flickr’s commons section are free from copyright, which makes them perfect for using in a DCandies uncopyrighted freebie.

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These brushes would be great for stamping on a contact page, a vintage poster or even on some product packaging.

As these stamps and seals have been lifted from scans of genuine historic stamps, you get a realistic and authentic stamp effect inside of Photoshop with every click-of-the-brush!

File details:

Included in this pack are 56 unique stamps and seals available as a .ABR Photoshop brush.

The size/resolution of the brushes are quite mixed and may not be as large as some of our other brushes, but either way they’re still a bunch of fun to work with. As with all our resources, they’re 100% restriction free.

Download13132 downloads Vintage Seal & Stamp Brushes for Photoshop Preview: Stamp Brushes for Photoshop

These high resolution vintage stamp brushes for Photoshop were created using scanned in reference images from the British Library.

Seal Brushes for Photoshop

Included in the brush set are a mix of vintage stamps and seals, which were historically used to securely seal letters and envelopes with hot wax.

Vintage Stamp brushes for Photoshop

Stamping these brushes onto your work are a great way to quickly add an authentic vintage effect with just one click!

Download Download13132 downloads

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