Don’t Waste Your Opportunity

By Leo Babauta

For most of us, our biggest sin is taking things for granted.

I’m as guilty as anyone else: I wake up and rush into online work or reading, forgetting to appreciate what a miracle this new day is. I’m alive! I’ve been given another amazing day, full of opportunities, and that is truly breath-taking.

I’m human, with a body and a conscious mind … and what an opportunity that is! We take this for granted, but if someone came up to you and said, “Hey, I can give you the power to make 10 people’s lives better every day of your life” and they could prove beyond a doubt they’re telling the truth … would we just pass this opportunity up without thought, and go to our favorite online social network to see what updates we’ve missed? That would be a huge missed opportunity, and that’s exactly what we’re doing each day we pass up the opportunity of being human without thought.

What kind of opportunities does being human bring us?

How about the opportunity to experience the wonders of the world, each moment bringing with it an overwhelming amount of experience that we can soak up?

How about the opportunity to investigate, explore, learn, discover, invent, create, inform, play, imagine, and build?

How about the opportunity to connect deeply with another human?

How about the opportunity to care, to lessen the suffering of others, to not participate in the suffering of animals, to make lives better?

How about the opportunity to practice mindfulness and appreciate all that’s in front of us?

How about the opportunity to create your own opportunities, ones that I can’t imagine?

What does this moment offer you that you are passing by without thought?

Are you willing to make the most of the opportunities of this moment, of being human?

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