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Creating a More Spacious Life

I’ve worked with a number of people who want more spaciousness in their lives — more time for rest, play, reading, reflecting, self-care, hanging with friends and other loved ones.

A Guide to Practicing Trust

At the core of a lot of our difficulties is a lack of trust — especially trust in ourselves. Think about these common difficulties that most of us face: What to focus on: We don’t trust our hearts to choose what we’d like to work on right now.

We’re Always Training Something

Every day, we go through a set of actions that is training our minds in the long term. Sometimes we’re training intentionally: we meditate, practice focus, get ourselves to start a workout, resist temptations, etc.

Where You Get Your Sense of Self-Worth

Where You Get Your Sense of Self-Worth

By Leo Babauta So much of our difficulties can be entangled with our sense of self worth — from whether we take care of ourselves with good habits to how we are in relationships to how much confidence we have at work. Think about your biggest difficulties (other than problems at a national or global […]

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