Three Practices to Celebrate Your Day

By Leo Babauta We tend to go through our days with our noses to the grindstone, doing tasks, getting distracted, jumping from one thing to the next. Go to sleep tired, repeat the next day.  Our days become an endless cycle of getting stuff done and getting through to the next day (especially during this […]

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Unstuck: Create a New Path for Yourself

By Leo Babauta Sometimes it can feel like we’re stuck in life, doing the same things we’re unhappy with, over and over again. Maybe you’ve been procrastinating on your meaningful work, or getting stuck in indecision or perfectionism. Maybe you’ve been putting off exercise or meditation, getting your finances in good shape, or making some […]

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By Leo Babauta Every day, we are dealing with a thousand things, overrun by emails and messages and tasks and chores … and it can become overwhelming and shut us down. I’d like to talk about an idea I’ve been working with, called the Stateless Protocol. It’s meant to reduce the overwhelm and help us […]

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How to Do the Thing You’re Avoiding

By Leo Babauta Most of us have something on our task list we’re avoiding. Or a project we’ve been putting off. Think for a moment: what’s the task or project you’ve been avoiding lately? Some possibilities: That report you don’t want to write Your book or blog you’ve been meaning to write The business you’ve […]

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How to Improve Any Moment

By Leo Babauta The title of this article is a bit misleading, because every moment is already perfect and doesn’t need to be improved. But our experience of the moment can be fraught with difficulty, and we have the power to create a new experience in each moment. The problems we face stem from our […]

Reminder: 8 Practices to Get Still & Calm

By Leo Babauta These days, it’s always nice to have reminders to become present, to pause into stillness, and to calm ourselves down. Chaos rules most of our lives, and every reminder we get can be helpful. Today I’m going to share some simple practices that won’t be new to most of you, but that […]

14 Lessons Learned from Fearless Mastery

By Leo Babauta In the last 6 months, my team and I have been working to support a group of fearless leaders in our Fearless Mastery mastermind program. And they have been breathtaking. We’ve gone deep with them, they’ve created personal transformation and huge accomplishments with what they’re doing with their mission in the world. […]