3 Simple Habits to Change Your Personality for Good

Your personality is the conglomerate of your habits because your habits shape you into who you are. Thus, to transform your personality, you need keystone habits – the habits that beget the creation of more good habits without much effort. “Keystone habits are habits that have a multiplier or a domino effect in your life.” […]

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The Little Handbook for Getting Stuff Done

By Leo Babauta There’s a ton to be gained by getting good at Getting Stuff Done (GSD). While I don’t think that productivity and efficiency is the answer to life, nor should it be your only focus … there are still a ton of benefits from Getting Stuff Done. A ton. Some of the benefits: […]

Paring Down Your Life

By Leo Babauta Our lives are overfull. There’s not a single one of us who is free of that trap, in my experience. We say yes to invitations and commitments, we answer as many emails and messages as we can, we join courses and groups, buy books and take on new hobbies, get involved in […]


A Hidden Source of Power

By Leo Babauta Almost every one of us gives away our power, unthinkingly. For example: Someone does something inconsiderate or infuriating that frustrates or angers you. You fume about it for hours. You’ve given this person the power to make you frustrated and angry, to ruin your day, often without them even realizing it. You […]