Delight in Uncertainty

By Leo Babauta Most of us have a troubled relationship with uncertainty, often without even knowing it. Our most difficult problems often stem from uncertainty: procrastination, overwhelm, distraction, anxiety, frustration with others, beating ourselves up, trouble with forming (or quitting) habits, health issues, relationship issues, financial issues, control or perfectionist issues. At the root of […]

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Amplify Inspiration

On a group call for the Amplify course last week, we did a two-part co-creative exercise. The first part involved connecting with our sorrow, and the second part was to see the invitation in that sorrow to discover a new place of joy. Then members co-created intentions for the world with the purpose of sharing…

Becoming Trustable

By Leo Babauta As a husband, a father, a man … one of the things I crave most is for my loved ones to trust me. It’s something I want with my team, my readers, my coaching clients, the members of my Sea Change and Fearless Training programs. And I’ve worked hard over the years to […]

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A Driven Life Book Review

Midas Touch – This is how this book should be titled. My head spins when I try to recall how many successful businesses this guy started, and how many struggling businesses he helped. Granted, he had a quite few decades to accomplish this feat, but still… That was incredible. The whole read was very enjoyable […]

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The Guilt of Not Working More, When We’re Done for the Day

By Leo Babauta At the end of a day of work, there can be a simple practice of wrapping things up and shutting down for the day. But so many of us feel guilty at simply stopping, and this feeling that we should be doing more … it drives some of us to keep going […]

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The Fear of Putting Our Work Out There

By Leo Babauta One of the most common fears of anyone who is creating something, whether it’s online content or art or a new business or startup … is the fear of putting our work out there in the world. It’s a fear that has us procrastinating, researching endlessly, checking social media, answering emails, buying […]

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305 People Enroll in Amplify in First 2 Weeks

Our new Amplify course just opened two weeks ago, and so far 305 people have enrolled in it, so lots of people are now working through the lessons to upgrade their creative flow. I’ve published 18 lessons for the course since we began, and I’m continuing to design, record, and publish a new lesson each…