The Rule of the Edge

By Leo Babauta In all of my many challenges and habit changes and book writing and learning, I’ve found one thing to be the most powerfully beneficial to all growth, learning and training. I call it the Rule of the Edge. Here’s the rule: practice at your edge most of the time. And this rule […]

The Beautiful and Scary Practice of Moving Closer

By Leo Babauta Life is full of all kinds of stresses, and each of us has habitual ways of reacting to those stresses — we procrastinate, run to comforts, lash out or distance ourselves from others, try to exit from a stressful place, mentally complain about others. The sad effect of these habitual reactions is […]

Sixty Seventh Income Report – October 2018 ($3,704.5)

For me, October 2018 started Nashville, TN, USA. My mastermind’s retreat finished a day before. My friend, Rebecca-Patrick Howard, picked me up from my host’s home and drove to the meeting with my reader, Brent. Brent and I had an awesome conversation. Then I did some sightseeing in Nashville with Rebecca and her son and […]

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My Mission to Change a Million Lives Through Uncertainty Training

By Leo Babauta My friends, I am on a mission. I am going to change a million lives through my uncertainty training, helping people shift how they deal with fear and the chaos of their lives. Every day, we deal with doubts, with feeling overwhelmed, with frustration and anger, with loneliness and disconnection, with stress […]


The Drop Deeper into Mindfulness Challenge

By Leo Babauta As we start to form new habits for a new year, one of the primary questions to ask ourselves is: what habit should I start with? What habit will help set me up for success for all other habits? After nearly 15 years of changing my own habits, and a dozen years […]


The Simple Guide to Creating Habits for a Great Year

By Leo Babauta It’s a new year, and many of us are looking to make positive changes in our lives. The best way to do that is not by making resolutions, but by creating habits that will stick for the long term. If you want to run a marathon, form the habit of running. If […]

A Reader’s Delight: Two Reviews in One Blog Post

In this post, there are two reviews, not one. And there are not usual reviews of business / personal development books usually posted on ExpandBeyondYourself. The first one is a brilliant autobiography and the second is an awesome thriller. The Man Called Red This is very a good book. The writing style is rough, but […]

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