Clarity and Planning

What’s the point of planning? The point of planning is ultimately to help you create a result, so planning is a means to an end. And some other purposes of planning are to reduce risk and increase efficiency. You create plans in order to achieve your goal with less effort and less risk. Now a…

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Chasing Clarity

What does looking for clarity actually look like? Let us first note what doesn’t qualify as looking. Waiting for clarity is not looking. Sharing your lack of clarity is not looking. Distracting yourself is not looking. Only looking is looking. How can you tell if someone is looking for clarity? What would you expect that…

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My First Facebook Live

I just did my first ever Facebook Live video within the past hour, speaking about character sculpting versus traditional goal setting. Here’s a recording of the video if you’d like to watch it: Enjoy the video! Note that the Stature character sculpting course launch discount (save 70%) is good for another 7 hours, so if…

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More Than 300 Have Now Joined Stature

So far 304 people have joined the new character sculpting deep dive since the start of the year, which is terrific to see. You can see the real-time sign-up count at the top of the Stature page if you’re curious… at least during the initial launch. Since today is the last day of the launch…

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Stature Progress Update

The new Stature character sculpting course is coming along beautifully during our co-creative phase. I just published the 13th and final lesson of Module 1: Awareness, and I’m about to start on Module 2 next. At the start of the year, there were only 4 lessons published, and now we have 13 lessons in the…

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Podcast Interview with Hans Comyn

My friend Hans Comyn, author of The Way of a Seducer, recently interviewed me for his podcast, The Seduction Show. The theme of Hans’ podcast is seduction, and in this episode we talk about what seduces us, such as the recent 365-Day Challenge that seduced me into committing to it… and how Hans was seduced…

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A Guide to Dealing with Uncertainty About What Path to Take

By Leo Babauta  The amount of time we spend fretting over what path to take, when we’re feeling uncertain, can sometimes be staggering. We’re entering into unknown territory, and we don’t know how to proceed. It happens all the time for many of us: we start a new job, launch a new venture, change careers, […]