The Magic of a Fresh Start

By Leo Babauta One of the biggest obstacles to sticking with a habit change, a new system, a goal or long-term project … is that we get disrupted. Something interrupts our progress — we skip a workout day or two — and then some programming in our brains turns that into a message of how […]

Relax Into Structure in Your Day

By Leo Babauta There’s something in many of us that resists structure — we want the freedom of not having to do something, of being able to just relax. There’s something to that: freedom and going through our day feeling open and relaxed is really nice! Unfortunately, that’s not actually how things usually go for most […]


Time Management for Top Performers

By Leo Babauta In my coaching practice and Fearless Mastery mastermind group, I work with some high performers. These are people who have excelled at something in their lives. They’re always looking to take themselves to the next level. And they’re always wanting to make the most of their time. The key to how to […]