Conscious Conversation – Steve Pavlina and Martin Rutte

Here’s the video of my Conscious Conversation call with author, speaker, fellow Transformational Leadership Council member, and long-time friend Martin Rutte. We had a lively chat about Martin’s Project Heaven on Earth (which is about how to create a better world for all of humanity), pursuing impossible goals, and many other personal growth topics. Here…

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Replacing Mission Statements with Invitation Statements

Google’s corporate mission is: to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. Facebook’s mission is: to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. Microsoft’s mission statement is: to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. The mission statement of Amazon…

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Honoring Your Future Self

This is my 61st day in a row of blogging, so I’m flowing along nicely with the daily blogging challenge for this year. My biggest concern with this challenge isn’t that I’ll intentionally skip a day or give up. I’m more concerned with accidentally missing a day, especially since I like to blog with the…

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Conscious Conversations

I’m leaning into an inspired idea that I’ve been wanting to explore for a while now, which is to have deep and interesting conversations with various friends, record them, and share them – especially friends who are very into personal growth or who are doing empowering transformational work in the world. There are two parts…

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Master Your Relationship to Time

By Leo Babauta The truth is, most of us have a pretty adversarial relationship to time. There’s never enough. We’re always behind. It goes by too fast. We can’t do important things because we don’t have enough time. None of it is helpful. Most of it is bullshit. Let’s take the first one: there’s never […]

Money and Social Flows

Money is a social construct, but we so often treat it like it’s a form of individual accomplishment. This mindset gets a lot of people stuck. I think it’s a lot easier for many people to generate abundant income when they think about the social flows. I know it’s challenging to do that though, especially…

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Exploring Beyond the Cage

I just read an interesting BBC article about why there are significantly more vegan women than men, which is mostly summarized by this statement at the top: When women hold two incompatible beliefs, they’re more likely to change their behaviour to reconcile them. Men, by comparison, tend to dig themselves in. The article cites a…

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