The Tragedy & Liberation of Death

By Leo Babauta Last week, my brother was hit by an unimaginable tragedy: he lost his 3-month-old baby Tyler. I’m still in shock and heartbreak, coming to terms with it. My heart is broken for him, for all of our family, and for this terrible loss. I didn’t know Tyler, but as I begin to […]

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Becoming Trustable

By Leo Babauta As a husband, a father, a man … one of the things I crave most is for my loved ones to trust me. It’s something I want with my team, my readers, my coaching clients, the members of my Sea Change and Fearless Training programs. And I’ve worked hard over the years to […]

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Allowing Ourselves to Feel Joy During the Day

By Leo Babauta I’ve come to the realization that most of us don’t allow ourselves to feel joy most days. Sure, maybe on some kind of big occasion, we’ll let ourselves run around whooping with joy … but mostly not. Think about you past week: have they been joyful and wondrous? Or routine, full of […]

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A Key to Healing Our Divide

By Leo Babauta The country I live in has a pretty bitter divide between many of its people, and I’ll admit that it often feels hopeless to me. If you don’t live in the U.S., I’m sure you can see a similar divide in your country as well: People judging each other, angry and fearful, […]

It’s Time to Change the Status Quo

By Leo Babauta This is a painful time for so many of us. There is anger, outrage, pain, fear, racism, injustice, sadness, exhaustion — and it’s not just a recent thing, it goes back generations, as far as our country has existed. It’s heartbreaking. We need to let our hearts be broken by how minorities, […]