A Guide to Dealing with Uncertainty About What Path to Take

By Leo Babauta  The amount of time we spend fretting over what path to take, when we’re feeling uncertain, can sometimes be staggering. We’re entering into unknown territory, and we don’t know how to proceed. It happens all the time for many of us: we start a new job, launch a new venture, change careers, […]

Wolves at Your Heels: The Fear That You’re Always Behind, Doing the Wrong Thing, & Generally Screwing Things Up Royally

By Leo Babauta I spoke with someone who so beautifully explained their biggest problem that I had to stop and catch my breath. It spoke to the human condition incredibly well. Some of the things they mentioned: I’ve been so frustrated with myself lately that I find myself fighting back tears. I feel confused and […]

The Create Fearlessly Challenge

By Leo Babauta A couple days ago, I invited you to join me in the Get Fit & Active Challenge in Sea Change … today, I’m going to invite you to something very different from that. It’s called the Create Fearlessly Challenge, and it’s a part of my Fearless Training Program. It’s for anyone who […]

The Get Active & Fit Challenge for January!

By Leo Babauta My friends, it’s time to start moving. We have the energy of the New Year and a fresh start — let’s actually start getting active and fit. I invite you to join me and other members of my Sea Change Program in the Get Active & Fit Challenge. We’re starting this week […]

The Essential Zen Habits of 2019

By Leo Babauta It’s hard to believe we’re closing out not just another year, but an entire decade! It’s been quite a decade for Zen Habits, and also a really powerful year for me and my mission. To start with, let’s talk about what I’ve done this year: Hired a Director of Operations to help […]

Give a Last-Minute Gift of Transformation to Those You Care About

By Leo Babauta As you consider a loving gift to give those you care deeply about, you might be feeling the pressure of finding a last-minute gift … I’d like to suggest a digital gift to help them change their lives. A lot of people we care about are looking to change their habits, shift […]