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Direct Core Relationships

Have you thought much about the core relationships you’d like to cultivate with life, such as your relationships with work, people, physical reality, your body, government, creativity, entertainment, time, food, intimacy, home, etc?

Changing Habits: How to Let Go of Sacred Cows

By Leo Babauta To change a habit — whether you’re starting a new habit or quitting an old one — you have to let go of something really important to you. This is why most people struggle with habit change — it’s not easy to let go of your sacred cows. Let’s take a few […]

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How to Be More Embodied

Most of us live in about 8% of our body most of the time — the head. Even though we have a lot of body beneath the head, we forget about that most of the day. We’re on our screens, doing work, consuming content, messaging.

Book Review: Awaken The Starlight Within

Book Review: Awaken The Starlight Within

Awaken the Starlight Within isn’t the usual personal development book. It is hard to categorize. If I’d needed to put any label on it, it’d be “philosophical book.” The English word philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia which means “love of wisdom.” And love of wisdom is the most apt description of this book. […]

Cleaning as Self-Care

The other day, I returned home from a short trip, and immediately unpacked and washed my clothes, putting everything away. It felt nice. The next morning, I was feeling a bit unsettled. So I started cleaning.

Coaching and Beliefs

Coaching and Beliefs

Human beings suck at the main life skill: modifying our beliefs. Our beliefs create our reality. They dictate our thoughts and actions. Have you heard of the confirmation bias? We, humans, subconsciously seek for the inputs that confirm our pre-existing convictions. And ignore everything else. This mechanism is intended to save our brainpower, but in […]