Lessons From Ayahuasca

Last week I was in Costa Rica, engaging in four nights of ayahuasca ceremonies with a group of friends who invited me to share this experience with them. This was the first time I’ve taken ayahuasca. It’s illegal in the USA and most other countries, but it’s legal in Costa Rica. Taking ayahuasca four nights…

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Seventy Seventh Income Report – August 2019 ($2142)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report. I started August 2019 with a sick feeling in my stomach. For the whole first day of the month, I was calculating my customers’ disappointing results. They were horrible across the board. Till that moment, I relied on the AMS […]

The Way of Less

By Leo Babauta Our lives naturally get filled with clutter: possessions that we ordered online pour in week by week, we take on more and more, we are constantly reading and watching and responding, messages pour in daily as well. The modern world is one of more, more and still more. What would it be […]

The Everyday Mindfulness Practice of Direct Experience

By Leo Babauta When I first started practicing Zen meditation years ago, I thought it was to make me more calm. Then it was to make me less reactive. Then to make me less attached to things. These things all happen if you meditate regularly, as many of you know. But one of the most […]

How to Not Believe Your Ultra-Persuasive Rationalizations

By Leo Babauta I’ve come to realize that smart people are very good at creating super persuasive arguments for why the shouldn’t do the thing they’re fearing doing. This past week, I’ve worked with half a dozen intelligent people who have convinced themselves to give in to their resistance, over and over. They’re persuasive, convincing […]

Matchers and Mismatchers

Sometime during the 90s, I listened to an audio program that explained the differences between matchers and mismatchers. Matchers are “yes, and” people who see the upsides of an idea more prominently than the downsides. If you share a new idea with them, they’ll see how the idea could work and may offer suggestions for…

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