Allowing Ourselves to Feel Joy During the Day

By Leo Babauta I’ve come to the realization that most of us don’t allow ourselves to feel joy most days. Sure, maybe on some kind of big occasion, we’ll let ourselves run around whooping with joy … but mostly not. Think about you past week: have they been joyful and wondrous? Or routine, full of […]

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Amplify Launch Discount Ends at Midnight on March 12

Just a quick reminder that the $200 discount for Amplify – our online, all-in creative productivity deep dive experience – ends at midnight Pacific time today, March 12. So if you want to save $200, now is the time. We have less than 12 hours to go… Get the details, watch the invitation video, and…


Meaningful Impact When the New World Has Not Emerged Yet

By Leo Babauta Our old lives are gone, and the new world has not been created yet. We’re in an in between state right now, and this can feel really shaky for a lot of us. There is a way that this in-between state, before the new reality emerges, can cause us to distract ourselves, […]

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Join Us for Amplify’s First Live Call on March 10

Our first live group call for the new Amplify course on improving your creative flow is this Wednesday, March 10 at 10am Pacific time. So if you’d like to join me live, I encourage you to enroll in the course within the next few hours. This call will include group sharing and abundant Q&A with…


Amplify Update

Our new creative productivity deep dive course – called Amplify – now has 124 people signed up for it. Actually we’re well past 200 if you include Conscious Growth Club members, many of whom are actively engaging with the course right now. I recorded and published our 9th lesson this morning, which is about inviting…


Being Appreciated as a Creator

If you’re a creative artist, how important is it for your work to be appreciated by the people you serve? I’d say that it’s pretty important to be appreciated as an artist. This isn’t about needing validation from other people. This is about serving people who will receive your work with gratitude. If you are…

A Great Start for the New Amplify Course

We’re off to a great start with the new Amplify course on creative productivity. I added some new lessons this week, so there are now 7 lessons published in the portal. I intend to add one lesson per day on average going forward, so if anyone starts now and does one lesson per week, the…


Death Isn’t the End

By Leo Babauta Recently a couple of our loved ones died, and my family have been hit by grief and loss. I’ve been letting myself feel it as much as I can, and letting it bring our family closer together. It’s not the only time death has hit our loved ones in recent years — […]

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