Some Coronavirus Predictions

The USA is currently reporting 16,796 coronavirus cases. Based on the growth curve I’m seeing, I predict we’ll pass 100,000 cases in about 1 week. And I predict that we’ll pass 1,000,000 cases in about 2 weeks (from today). If we move to total countrywide lockdown immediately, we can slow this, and we must. Each…

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The Elephant and the Virus

With respect to the coronavirus pandemic, I am concerned about India. Given their population density and more than 1.3 billion residents, the virus situation there could soon make what’s happening in Italy and Spain look tame. Earlier this week India was reporting only 129 infections and 2 deaths. Today it’s at 249 cases and 5…

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Virus vs Culture

Some people may be surprised to learn that most viruses don’t have much respect for the following: Optimism, blind or otherwise Fearlessness Mathematical illiteracy Feelings Opinions Conspiracies Spring break Jobs Economics Lying Denial Ignorance Irrationality Insults Politics Excuses Incompetence Toilet paper abundance Relative to human beings, who may be compassionate and understanding about some of…

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The Stun Setting

Lately I’ve been feeling like we’re living through a particular Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. No, not “Contagion” – that’s about a computer virus. Not “Thine Own Self” either, but that’s a good guess. I’m thinking of “The Ensigns of Command.” That’s the episode where Data, the android character, must convince a bunch of…

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All Vegas Casinos and Hotels Closed

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced tonight that all Nevada casinos, hotels, and more businesses must close. So the Las Vegas Strip is effectively going dark. This also includes closing all bars, gyms, beauty salons, barber shops, malls, and restaurants that don’t do takeout and delivery. I’m glad he did this because while some casinos like…

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Facebook Is Removing My Coronavirus Posts

I have to report that the coronavirus information and news posts that I’ve been sharing on Facebook have been getting removed by Facebook today. This includes several posts I’ve shared there from my blog, news items from other sources, and even reshares of other people’s posts. Other people have also been telling me that when…

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Immune-Boosting Meditation

Here’s a meditation and instructions from meditation expert and author Dawson Church to significantly boost your immune system and reduce cortisol levels. Do this daily for a week to double your immune response.

Meditation starts at about 7:3…