Sixty Eighth Income Report – November 2019 ($3,405.42)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report. November 2018 overshadowed the book launch. I launched a book last in September 2016 and I got out of the routine. Everything was almost new, but not exactly. It was like skating after a few years’ break. My cover designer […]

The Zen Habits Guide to Spending Your Time Intentionally

By Leo Babauta Yesterday I was on a call with an active member of my Fearless Training Program, and she asked a question about how to spend her time more intentionally. Her key insight for me was that a lot of people in the program (and I think many people reading this blog) would like […]


All 60 Submersion Lessons

As of January 31st, all 60 lessons for the new Submersion deep dive are published. Here’s the complete list of lessons: Your Best Thinking Your Mysterious Reality Modeling Reality Humanizing Reality Upgrading Your Relationship with Reality Healing Trust Wounds Overcoming Shame and Guilt Playfulness Listen to Reality Follow the White Rabbit Only One Consciousness Purifying…

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Your Best Work

Do you have a job or career path that supports you in doing the best work of your life? If I were to ask this of various people, some would laugh at the ridiculousness of this question because it’s a standard they’ve never come close to experiencing, so a jaded reply is all they can…

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The Practice of Letting Go

By Leo Babauta There are a number of times when our mind clings to something tightly, and it is rarely helpful: I am right, the other person is wrong That person is living their life in the wrong way, they should change My preference is the best way, others are wrong This is the thing […]

Creative Ambition

In the past several months, I’ve been stretching my creative muscles, taking on more ambitious projects including the 30-day Deep Abundance Integration video course and the 60-day Submersion audio course. The former was recorded in Aug 2018, and the latter was recorded in Dec 2018 and Jan 2019. I just published lesson 60 for Submersion…

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Practice Makes Master – The Talent Code review

Nothing new under the sun, right? Well, yes and no. The ‘practice makes master’ adage was around for centuries. What The Talent Code does with it is takes it to the biological level. And I appreciate that very much.   This book had some downsides and some upsides. Traditionally, let’s start from… CONS 1. Narration. […]

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The Mindful Fitness Challenge

By Leo Babauta As New Year’s resolutions fade and we realize we need to try something else to get fit … I invite you to try a combination of two things that I’ve found to work really well: Mindfulness: As I’ve said many times before, mindfulness is such a powerful and fundamental practice that helps form […]