High-Trust Pricing

Many entrepreneurs find pricing decisions for their products and services really challenging. You’ll often hear such people asking each other, “What should I charge?” I’ve read a number of books about pricing with complex ideas on how to do it correctly. Most involved some form of testing and optimization. They all shared the same underlying…

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Zones of Clarity

There are multiple zones of clarity. Let’s consider them. First, there’s clarity with yourself – clarity about who you are, what you are, and about your skills and capabilities. This zone of clarity could be called self knowledge, self awareness, and self understanding. Second, there’s clarity about this reality – about the world, the universe,…

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Inspiration Beats Procrastination

Inviting a stronger flow of inspiration kicked off by the 365-day creative challenge is helping me get more done than I expected, including completing some stale to-do items that I never felt inspired to do before. This morning I updated all of my YouTube videos (42 of them) to have end screens that invite people…

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Seventy Ninth Income Report – October 2019 ($3,524.95)

Are you curious about a 3-month delay? I explained it in my first income report. I started October 2019 calculating the profits of my customers. I went through the process entirely by myself and did it manually. I had to recall from September which ratios and thresholds I used. The only thing I did the […]

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Stature Course Update

Here are some updates on the new Stature character sculpting course: New Stature Invitation Video Published The Stature invitation video is now available, and I invite you to watch it. The video covers a lot in just 35 minutes: What character sculpting is and why it matters The purpose of the Stature course Who the…

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