Butts Up

When I was around 12 years old, I came upon a game being played by a group of boys from the neighborhood. They invited me to play with them, telling me that the game was called butts up. I didn’t know how to play, so they briefly explained the rules. It’s a fairly simple game…

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Fret Credit

Fret credit is the notion that we’re more entitled to achieve a result if we’ve worried or stressed about it a lot. Does reality actually work this way? Do we bank some karmic credits for fretting? That seems pretty doubtful of course. Have you ever succumbed to this mindset though? Have you ever felt more…

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The Uncertainty of What You Should Be Working on Right Now

I was talking with a friend who very often doesn’t feel he has a clear direction in life, doesn’t operate on any solid principles, and usually doesn’t feel he’s clear on what he should be doing at any given moment. I completely relate to this difficulty: it’s the uncertainty of what you should be doing […]


Aligning Rewards

We had an interesting discussion on a recent Conscious Growth Club coaching call about making sure that the financial rewards of your career path are aligned with the ways you’d like to be rewarded. For instance, you may want or expect to be rewarded for some of the following: devising a creative solution to a…

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The Honest Guide to Mindfulness

By Leo Babauta Mindfulness has (amazingly, wonderfully) become quite a buzzword in the last decade or so, and for good reason. It’s powerful, and can help us to become more present, happier, more focused, and much more. However, if you’re new to mindfulness, it’s easy to get the wrong idea from all the marketing you’ll […]

Spiritual People Don’t Charge for Their Work

Have you heard anyone proclaim that truly spiritual people don’t charge for their work? Apparently if you create something and charge money for it, the nonzero price alters the nature of the work, rendering it non-spiritual. Is that actually true? Of course it’s true. This rule is written into the Laws of Spirituality, not to…

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