Author: Steve Pavlina

How to Win Against Your Favorite Distractions

What can you do when you realize that you’ve been wasting a lot of time succumbing to distractions, like endless social media or consumption-based activities, and it’s making you feel empty, hollow, disappointed, or even ashamed of yourself?

How to Relate to People With Low Truth Alignment

How to Relate to People With Low Truth Alignment

The first chapter of my book Personal Development for Smart People is called “Truth” because truth alignment is one of the fundamental principles of personal growth. In order to grow intelligently, we must face and accept reality in as many areas of life as we can. This often involves confronting and dealing with unpleasant truths…

Upgrading Your Reference Frames

Conscious reframing is one of the most accessible self-development skills because it aligns with how your brain works internally. Your brain already performs this task for you. And just as you can consciously control your breathing, you can also learn to consciously control your reference frames.

Two New Guild Course Bonuses Added

Two New Guild Course Bonuses Added

The new Guild course on social alignment now has two new bonuses, which are available immediately in the Guild member portal. The first new bonus is called Guild Builders. It’s a collection of 15 short audios to help with long-term practice after the main course is finished. The second bonus is a 25-page PDF called…

Why It’s Unwise to Be a Minimalist

When I first heard about the concept of minimalism many years ago, I was intrigued but also a bit hesitant. As I looked into it, I found that my hesitation towards it was well-founded, and I don’t consider it a particularly intelligent strategy for life or business.

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5 Keys to Social Alignment

What is an aligned social circle? When people ponder improving their social lives, what do they actually want? For the past two weeks, I’ve been reading and taking detailed notes on feedback from some questions that I posed to my email list. I asked people to tell me about their social circles, including what’s working…

What Is a Deeper Relationship?

As I’ve been reading through recent feedback emails regarding the upcoming Guild course, I’ve seen various expressions of a desire for “deeper relationships.” What does that actually mean? Many people shared that their current social circle feels too fragmented. They have their work associates, their family relationships, their online friends, and perhaps a few other…

Why Bigger Goals Can Be Easier to Achieve

I originally shared this post on January 6 in Conscious Growth Club’s member forums, as a follow-up to our quarterly goal planning process. I thought it would be nice to share it here as well. Many CGCers found it helpful. Let me share an unusual insight about why it’s often easier to achieve goals that…