Gentle Wake-up Calls

In February 2018 filmmaker Kevin Smith (aka “Silent Bob”) suffered a massive heart attack and underwent emergency surgery. He’s less than a year older than me, so he was only 47 at the time. Afterwards he switched to a vegan diet and dropped more than 50 pounds. In his latest film Jay and Silent Bob…

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Fear Is Boring

In the months and years leading up to my bankruptcy in 1999, I was very resistant to going broke. I kept sinking further into debt year by year, and bankruptcy was becoming increasingly inevitable. I kept doing whatever I could think of to stave it off, including selling off lots of items and trying to…

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Digital Fringe Theater

Here’s a nice adaptation for taking theater online and creating an opportunity to support the artists. I love Fringe Festivals and have seen 200+ Fringe plays since 2010, mostly in Canada. Maybe I enjoyed it a little too much since I married one of the performers. 😉 From artist Chase Pajittles: Well #DigitalFringe is here!…

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Coronavirus Adaptations for Local Businesses

In Conscious Growth Club, we’ve been discussing the coronavirus situation since February 26, and our discussion thread called “Coronavirus preparation” is now up to 325 posts and still growing. Perhaps a half-dozen related threads have been started as well, as members are discussing topics like self-care in isolation, immunity boosting tips, and sharing updates on…

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Feeling Grounded in the Midst of Spiraling Changes

As much as you’ve seen unfold this month already, this is still the early game for the virus, so there will be even more changes coming up quickly. The last 10 days of the month could be even bigger than the first 21. With so much uncertainty, how can you still feel grounded? Is that…

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Some Coronavirus Predictions

The USA is currently reporting 16,796 coronavirus cases. Based on the growth curve I’m seeing, I predict we’ll pass 100,000 cases in about 1 week. And I predict that we’ll pass 1,000,000 cases in about 2 weeks (from today). If we move to total countrywide lockdown immediately, we can slow this, and we must. Each…

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