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After working on my Q2 2023 goals yesterday evening (via Conscious Growth Club’s 5-step goal setting process), I wanted some chill time before bed, so I asked ChatGPT to recommend an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation that would be a perfect fit for my goals.

“The Inner Light” is one of my all-time favorite episodes, and I could also see that it resonated pretty well with my goals. So that was a very solid pick.

I didn’t feel like rewatching that episode though since I’d seen it not that long ago. So…

I hadn’t seen “Sarek” in a while, so I figured I’d rewatch it and see if it resonated, and I invited Rachelle to join me. She loves it when I pick an episode and she has to guess the title, ideally before the opening credits start. She nailed it of course – this is a pretty easy one to guess for anyone familiar with the show.

Both episodes that ChatGPT recommended are about characters coming to terms with a new reality, one that can’t be understood with logic alone but that involves a big emotional journey into a new sense of self. They’re both meaningful matches for my Q2 goals.

Watching “Sarek” with this extra layer of curiosity made the episode more engaging than it otherwise would have been. It helped me connect some extra dots among my goals. There was a lot of humor in that perspective too since lots of characters lose emotional control during the episode, including a big bar fight scene. That helped me accept that my goals are going to invite a bit more chaos into my life, and I’ll just have to roll with it.

I know that many people see movies and TV shows as distractions from personal growth. Those people are dreadful and boring NPCs, so just stay away from them if you happen to know better.

I grew up loving movies and had many favorite shows, such as Star Trek, so I’ve always associated this kind of media with inspiration and growth. I often get fun syncs from them too. I love inserting movie references in our courses as well, sometimes in obscure ways just to see if people notice them.

If you want to watch a show or movie in a deeper or more meaningful way, give your criteria to ChatGPT and ask it to recommend something. When you get a recommend that seems reasonable, watch it with the attitude that it contains hidden messages or syncs for you. I think you’ll find this approach engaging.

Interestingly there was a meaningful sync in the AI’s recommendation too. As CGC’s Community Manager, Rachelle was trying to pick the April CGC challenge – we do a new 30-day challenge in CGC each month – and she had just floated the idea of doing a vulnerability challenge. That idea resonated with me too, and then the AI beamed us a timely sync about it, so we’re going with it.

I also found it really engaging to go through the goal-setting process with ChatGPT this time. Once I’d completed enough parts of the process, such as the journaling prompts, I could even have it predict the goals I was going to set. I’d say it was about 80% accurate, and it suggested one goal that I hadn’t considered but that seemed like a really nice one to include. I love how AI can spot strengths and desires in us that we might overlook.

Another nice touch was to ask ChatGPT to rephrase my goals to be more personally motivating for me, based on what it had learned about me thus far. It chose different phrasing than I would have, and I did indeed like its version better (with some minor tweaks).

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Steve Pavlina

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