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Stature Course Is Now Open for Enrollment

Good news – The new Stature character sculpting deep dive course is now open for enrollment.

You’ll also find it listed on the Courses page and the Courses menu on this website.

I plan to add an invitation video to the website tomorrow, so if you like those video invites from past courses, you may want to wait about 24 hours for that to be added. I like video for conveying the vibe of a course, while text is good for sharing the full details.

The post-launch price of this course will be higher than our previous courses, mainly because it’s a weightier course, and it will take a genuine commitment to do the actual character sculpting work, so I prefer if people think about this one more a little before deciding if they want to commit to it.

However, for the launch week (through January 8, 2020), the price is 70% lower, so presently it costs the same as the Submersion course.

Remember that this course is being co-created as we go, so it’s launching with the first 4 lessons now, and I’ll continue creating and publishing more lessons each week as we build it out in January and February, with some of the bonus material being added in March. This is similar to how we launched and developed the Submersion course.

I’ll continue sharing updates about Stature throughout the launch week.

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