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Submersion Launch Attracts 477 Explorers

It’s great to see that so many people are interested in exploring Subjective Reality together. The new 60-day Submersion deep dive experience attracted 477 sign-ups during its first week.

This deep dive is well underway already with 12 lessons already in the portal, and I intend to publish more by Saturday, December 15. All lessons will be published by January 31, 2019.

Submersion’s audio lessons are about 20 minutes per day on average. The main idea is to practice the subjective lens (viewing reality as if you’re in a simulation or a dream world) for a full two months, so you can gain practice, experience, and consistency.

Presently I have dozens of emails to read regarding the course, so I’ll be catching up on those today and taking lots of notes. We’re co-creating this experience with the people who are exploring it together, and I listen carefully to the feedback and questions that people share along the way. Then I use this feedback to help design future lessons. So this deep dive is always adapting to the people who are going through it. If you join and share feedback along the way, everyone’s experience will turn out differently because of that. So you have a powerful say in what the deep dive becomes.

This deep dive is the most introverted and introspective one so far. There’s no social aspect to it. It’s about focusing on your private hero’s journey and especially how that plays out through your relationship with reality. This is about training up your skill level.

I enjoy this approach much better than trying to create a program entirely on my own and then releasing it and hoping it lands well with people. I feel a stronger creative flow when hundreds of people are involved and holding the intention for a positive, transformational outcome for all involved. I enjoy knowing and feeling that this is a team project – and that we’re aligning our intentions and energy to up-level each other and to create positive ripples beyond the deep dive.

Submersion will remain open indefinitely, so you’re free to join whenever you’re ready to explore the rabbit hole. 🙂

If you aren’t familiar with Subjective Reality yet, I recommend watching the 3-part Subjective Reality video course first. It’s free (no opt-in required), so you can start watching it right away. It will bring you up to speed and give you a clearer sense of the beginner, intermediate, and advanced phases, so you know what to expect as you explore this space. Each video in the series shares problems and challenges that people experience along the way… and their solutions. So far 2359 people have started watching the free series within the past week. It’s two hours long, so you don’t have to watch it all at once. Just begin it.

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