Trusting Reality

When I trust another person, I don’t trust them to be perfect. I trust them to be human and to behave as humans do, and so my trust is well placed and aligns well with how humans actually behave.

When I trust reality, I don’t trust it to be perfect or wise all the time. I trust it to behave as reality actually does, so my trust is well placed and aligns with how reality actually behaves.

If you trust reality to be wiser and more intelligent than human beings, does it always meet that standard? Is that a standard aligned with its actual behavior? Or are you sometimes disappointed when applying that standard?

Reality can be incredibly brilliant at times and deeply compassionate at other times, but is it always so? You can try to stretch that frame to fit every situation, but doesn’t it feel like it’s a bit too much of a stretch sometimes? Isn’t it more sensible to sometimes call reality out for acts that seem stupid, clowny, or unwise?

Trusting that reality isn’t godlike actually improves our relationship. It’s like saying to reality, “I see and appreciate you as you are, warts and all.”

To do otherwise would invite a very fragile and inflexible relationship with reality, one that’s likely to break eventually. From what I’ve seen, reality itself will break or destroy that kind of relationship over time.

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