Lessons from the Fearless Retreat

I’m creating a new Fearless Retreat in October that will be a part of my Fearless Mastery program … and it has me reflecting on the most recent retreat I led in Costa Rica in March.

I’m moved to share with you the lessons I learned from the March retreat, because I was so inspired by the transformation that people went through …

Here are some of the lessons I took away from the Fearless Retreat on March:

  • Just coming to the retreat fills people with uncertainty. Everyone who came was excited, but nervous, and fears about themselves in this retreat came forward. They found themselves confronted by the fear, and then running to their go-to patterns of busyness, wanting to exit, avoidance, perfectionism, distraction and more. This was perfect, because it uncovered exactly what we needed to work with.
  • People can create a deep trust really quickly. When people showed up, they didn’t know what to expect, and you could feel the nervousness. But very quickly, they opened up and trusted, and once they could trust, transformation became possible. It was amazing.
  • People are fascinated by their own patterns in the midst of uncertainty. Everyone was invited to investigate what kinds of patterns came up for them in the uncertainty of the retreat … and they were fascinated by what they found! People pleasing, needing to do everything right, avoidance, hiding, not standing for their boundaries, and much more.
  • Everyone went through something powerful. There wasn’t a person there who didn’t go through a process of transformation. People learned to find their center, find their power, find their courage, find openness. People learned to feel their heart for the first time in years, and stay open in the midst of stress and chaos. They found a larger version of themselves than they believed possible.
  • Everyone left changed — including me. Every person left a different person — more open, more excited about purpose, more connected to their hearts. And that included me. I left with my heart cracked wide open, and with a deeper level of trust in myself and people’s processes.
  • Inspiring, unexpected connections were formed. People went there not really knowing what to expect, and they found connections with each other that were rich and nourishing. Lifelong friendships were started, and people felt supported for the first time in a long while. So beautiful!
  • The community that gets created is so needed. Eating together, dancing together, playing together, having deep conversations. People felt like they belonged to a community, and that’s not something everyone gets in their lives. A feeling of trust, safety, belonging. It’s what the world needs.

It was powerful, for me and for my team, not just the people who came to join us.

So with that in mind, we decided to create a Fearless Retreat in October as part of our Fearless Mastery small group coaching program, because we think it’s that important.

I’d love to have you join us. Apply for Fearless Mastery today to have a convo about the 5-month coaching program that’s aimed at transformation.

And included in the price will be a seat at the Fearless Retreat in October, where you’ll come together with us in person and experience something really powerful.

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