Save money by not paying for your software – my top 7

Save money by not paying for your software and legally too. Lifehacker has just announced their annual guide to free software and webapps with a ton of FREE applications for your everyday needs. Lifehacker broke the applications down into 20 categories and here is my personal favourite seven apps:

  • Google Calendar (Web, free)
    Have your calendar updated and with you all the time. I just love the way I now know when I have an opening in my calendar.
  • Picnik (Web, free)
    With this online image editor you can edit your pictures online. If you have a Flickr account, you also can edit the pictures directly from Flickr in Picnik.
  • IrfanView (Windows, free)
    IrfanView is a lightweight, lightning fast image viewer, editor, and processor.

  • KeePass/KeePassX (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux, open source)
    A KeePass database stores all your passwords inside of it in an encrypted state, and uses one master password and/or a key-file to access that database. KeePass has fields for username, password, URL and notes associated with each login, and you can create login groups (like, Windows, web sites, Wifi networks) to organize your passwords.

  • NetVibes (Web)
    A startpage that can contain many of the sites and features you use on a daily basis. Min keeps track of the RSS feeds I follow. I kan see my Gmail account and calendar. I can convert all documents into PDF, translate text and so much more.

  • Google Notebook (Web/Firefox, free)
    When I need to dot something down quickly, yet have it organized, I use Google Notebook.

  • Google docs (Web, free)
    I do a fair bit of online collaboration and this is great. We all wirk om the same version of the document. More importantly, there is only one version, and not six in five different mailboxex.

Chrck you the annual guide to free software

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