15 ways to save a dollar a day

Money in hand - save by being frugalSometimes you have to remember that being frugal is all about the small steps you do on a daily basis. If you remember to do the small things it will all add up in the end.

First I cannot stress the importance of decluttering your home. Energy and time is wasted in a messy home, and it can get on your nerves too. So the first steps to saving a dollar a day has a double bonus of uncluttering and saving you money.

OK, here goes

  1. Sell your old stuff
    Find all the things you do not use and simply sell them. I use QXL and eBay the sell my stuff. It is amazing how much useless stuff you have around the house.
  2. Sell your or other peoples trash
    Pick up used item that have been trashed and repair them and sell.
  3. Use your public library
    Borrow rather than buying and owning. Lets face it most books gets read and then never used again. Use your library to borrow the book and you won’t have to deal with it cluttering up space and the hassle of selling it. Same goes for films.
  4. Rent or borrow films
    Do not buy them or watch them in the theatre. Watching films in the theatre is the same as going out and the amount spent on candy and soda is outrages. In my pubic library you can borrow films too.
  5. Less telephones
    Do you really need two mobiles AND a landline? Try to cancel and downgrade your telephone services.
  6. Work odd jobs
    Offer to do odd jobs for your neigbours and friends. You can also do at barter agreement. I use no money on babysitters. When I have the time, I pick up another couples child at day-care, when I pick up mine. In return that couple will take care of my daughter when we need a babysitter.
  7. Sell your knowledge
    Sell your knowledge of decluttering, shopping or brewing beer. Everybody have something they are better at than the average person.
  8. Unplug your TV
    OK that might sound a bit drastic, but at least downgrade what packages you have and cancel pay services. I just got rid of the TV all together.
  9. Stop a bad habit
    I drink way to much cola. Many drink way too much coffee while other smoke too many cigarettes (any is too many). Many of these are gambling with your health. Oh and cut back on your gambling too. I recently did a calculation for my dear old dad, and if I summed up his expenses and winnings on soccer betting – he would have saved $200.000 US dollars.
  10. Eat out less
    You can eat for weeks by the same amount that one meal costs when eating out. If you want to gently, just cut a couple of meals. It will still have a great impact. Remember to bring your own lunch to work. It is typically also much more healthy than the offers at work.
  11. Turn down your heat
    That last degree your heating your house is the most expensive. Just lower the heat by one or two degrees. Same goes for air conditioning.
  12. Get a smaller car
    The car itself is cheaper, but so is the insurance and the mileage.
  13. Use your car less
    Drive less in your car. Using public transport not only saves money, but also helps the environment. Biking or walking also makes a huge impact on your health.
  14. Call credit card companies
    Just by calling them, you can get better rates. Be humble and tell them that you have a plan to pay them back and need their help. Suggest one year of no interests, and they’ll usually get back to you and have cut away a couple of percent.
  15. Be more productive and DO IT
    Don’t just sit around the house all day, reading blogs 😉 Active people get better deals, they ask, they investigate, they sell, they offer their services. This tip is a summery of the 14 previous, and is the most important. You not only have to know how to be frugal, you have to do it too. The more you get done the more wealth you accumulate. Not only financially but also mentally.

What ideas do you have?

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