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Setting Up a Video Recording Studio

I’m working on setting up a basic home video recording studio, so I can create and share more videos with you. While I’ve done lots of speaking with live audiences, I’m fairly inexperienced when it comes to making videos, so I took a few days to research the heck out of this in my usual deep dive fashion. I found no shortage of opinions on the subject, especially when I asked experienced friends for suggestions. I’ve learned enough to get started, but it’s also clear that I’ll need to learn most of this by diving in, taking action, and iterating based on results and feedback.

I found the tutorials from Wistia’s library immensely helpful, especially the ones on putting together a sub-$100 lighting kit, video lighting, and recording audio. Some of their recommendations contradict what I’ve learned elsewhere, but I really like the clean look of their videos.

It’s ridiculously easy to get lost in endless research on this subject, so I focused on finding videos I really liked and then studied how they were filmed. What I love about Wistia’s material is that they show how different tweaks change the resulting video, like how the same shot looks with different lights. I also like the general vibe of their videos – upbeat, friendly, and helpful.

I finally figured out what to buy, some from Amazon and some from Lowe’s, so I’ll assemble everything on the weekend if the items arrive by then. I decided to start with a pretty modest investment, so I’ve kept the total cost below $300, not including the camera. I can always upgrade to fancier equipment later if it seems warranted, but I don’t want to go crazy with the gear just yet.

For the camera I’ll be using an iPhone 7. For editing I’ll use Final Cut Pro, which I learned a few years ago. I’ll record the audio separately, which will produce better results than using the iPhone’s built-in mic.

For starters I would love to create a short video series on a certain personal growth topic, so I can gain some video production experience quickly, help you move the needle forward in your life, and get some feedback on the results. If you have some suggestions for what you’d like help with, please share. What are your biggest problems or challenges in life right now? In which area of your life do you most want to make faster progress?

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