Stature Video Live Premiere

Today I made a version of the Stature invitation video for YouTube. When I went to make it public, so people could watch it there, I noticed a different setting that I hadn’t seen before – the option to host a live premiere with a live chat.

I wasn’t quite sure how it worked, but I like to dive in and try new things, and this sounded like a fun way to publish a new video, so I checked the option and made it so. Within two minutes, YouTube was displaying a countdown timer, and it notified some of my subscribers to come check it out. I also quickly shared about this in Conscious Growth Club and in the Stature launch Facebook group to see if anyone wanted to join us, and a few people did.

We had a fairly small group, maxing out at around 18 simultaneous viewers I think, but I thought it was a cool way to launch a new video. I might use this feature again sometime.

If you watch the video directly on YouTube, you can even see our group commentary from this evening’s live premiere as you watch the video, as if it’s simulating the live chat experience. Just look for the “Show Chat Replay” button – on my MacBook screen, it appears in the upper right corner next to the video area. Then click on “Top Chat Replay” and change it to “Live Chat Replay” instead. This will show all the comments instead of just what YouTube’s algorithm selects as the top one. I didn’t notice any spam in our chat, so I think all the comments were genuine.

The video covers a lot in just 35 minutes:

  • What character sculpting is and why it matters
  • The purpose of the Stature course
  • Who the course is for (and who it isn’t for)
  • Format of the deep dive
  • About the deep dive exercises
  • The vibe and style of the course
  • 5 core transformations people requested for this deep dive
  • Tips on doing character sculpting on your own (what to focus on)
  • Pricing (and launch discount pricing)
  • The honor code for the course
  • What happens after you join?
  • The co-creative phase for those who join soon
  • A simple tip for making a good decision about whether to join

While the purpose is to inform and invite people to join Stature, I think it also works well as a personal development video since I share a lot of insights about character sculpting.

8 Stature Lessons Published

I also recorded and added Stature lesson 1.8 today to the member portal. I often like to include pop culture references such as to popular movies or TV series in the lessons and exercises, as a way of making them more fun.

Can you guess which movie inspired the title of today’s lesson? 😉

To the Pain

I know that gamification has become popular in recent years, but I haven’t been too fond of the cheesy way it’s often implemented, such as doling out virtual badges. I have those effects turned off on my Apple Watch, for instance. They’re not bad on occasion, but I find them more distracting than motivating most of the time.

That said, I do like making courses more fun by inserted playful references or “Easter eggs” into them, including some obscures references that only a few people may actually get, but if someone doesn’t recognize them, it won’t really impact their ability to understand the lesson anyway. I feel that if someone does catch those references, such as to odd movies like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, the experience will be a little extra special for them.

Stature Launch Discount Extended Through January 16th

The 70% off discount for Stature was set to expire last night at midnight Pacific time. But since I didn’t get the invitation video published on the website till 11:30pm last night, and since many people have been asking for more time to decide, I’m extending the discount.

While plenty of people were eager to join without the video – 257 so far – some told me they really like those video invites and want to watch this one before deciding, especially while the launch discount is available.

So if you’re interested in character sculpting and would like to watch the Stature video, you have an extra week to do so if you still want to get the 70% launch discount.

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