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SuperPowers Super You – Free Online Video Series

On Saturday, April 16, Paul Scheele and Learning Strategies will broadcast a free online video series called SuperPowers Super You that includes 7 parts:

  1. Abundance & Money – How to create prosperity consciousness and greater financial abundance
  2. Connection & Relationships – How to have satisfying personal and professional relationships
  3. Living & Working Fully – How to have power and effectiveness in everything you do
  4. Solid Skills & Great Habits – How to do what you intend to do
  5. Super Body – How to have great physical health and abundant energy
  6. Super Emotions – How to have healthy emotions and supportive feelings
  7. Super Mind – How to get control over your mental images, self-talk, and self-sabotaging thoughts

Experts in the series include Jack Canfield, Hale Dwoskin, Bill Harris, and several others.

The whole thing is free, and you can enroll right away at SuperPowers Super You.

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