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Visionary Business School Opens for Enrollment

My friend Ryan Eliason just opened enrollment in Visionary Business School, which teaches people how to start and grow socially conscious businesses.

This is an improved version of the training program that Ryan has been offering about once a year for the past several years. When he offered it in 2014, 12% of his students came from StevePavlina.com, so it’s been very popular within this community.

Ryan’s training is highly immersive, lasting for several months, so it’s a good fit for people who want serious coaching and accountability – in other words, people who are ready to move forward in creating a real business, step by step.

Let me say that this type of training isn’t for people who just want to make money. It’s for people who truly want to create a heart-centered business that makes a positive difference in the world – and make good money from it, so you can enjoy a happy and abundant lifestyle as well. Ryan started out in the nonprofit world and now runs a 7-figure business, and contribution remains a big part of his mission.

Ryan has already coached and trained over 5,000 people from 85 countries to start and grow their own successful, socially conscious businesses, and I expect he’ll train at least 1,000 more this year. I’ve seen his programs grow in popularity each year, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is a record year. By training so many people to start conscious businesses, Ryan is creating some beautifully positive ripples in the world.

If you head over to Visionary Business School now, you can watch a video explaining how the training works and how to sign up if this interests you.

Please note that the enrollment period is only open for a short time (about a week), and soon after that, the training begins. So if you’re interested in the training, you’ll need to enroll within that time.

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Steve Recommends: For a short time, my friend Ryan Eliason is making his book on The 9 Best Ways to Make Money While Helping People available to you for free. I've read it myself and think you'll find it inspiring, so please download it while you can.

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