Are You Seeking the Approval of Your Limiting Beliefs?

You don’t have to overcome limiting beliefs in order to take action. Thinking that you need to get all your beliefs in order is really just a delay tactic, isn’t it? Fixing your beliefs is an unnecessary prerequisite for action.

Thinking that you need to fix your beliefs first is akin to convincing a doubtful parent that you’re gonna go out and succeed. Nothing you say will convince them. Even if you go out and succeed, they probably still won’t be convinced.

If you tell people you’re going to be an entrepreneur, for instance, and they laugh at you, do you need to convince them first? Do you need to have a conversation with them to prove your commitment? Hell no. Just say, “Fuck their lame-ass doubts!” And get busy taking action anyway.

Will your enormous future success convince them eventually? Probably not, even if you achieve great success. They’ll still find ways to doubt you or to downplay or dismiss your success.

Walt Disney lamented that his father Elias Disney never understood the success Walt achieved. That didn’t stop Walt from taking action though. Walt succeeded a lot and failed a lot. Even after winning many Academy Awards, Walt still didn’t get to win his father’s approval.

And what if your failures are bigger and more frequent than your successes? Oh no! Then people may say, “I told you so!” Who cares? That’s meaningless feedback. It’s easy to predict failure for someone else, so why should anyone get credit for that? You deserve way more credit for taking action and learning through experience.

What’s the nature of your relationship with your own worries, doubts, and limiting beliefs?

Are you chasing the approval of parts of yourself that will never grant it?

Are you worried that these parts of you will eventually say, “I told you so”?

None of that matters. These aren’t valid reasons for holding back. Some parts of you will never be convinced, and they don’t ever need to be.

Stop seeking the approval of the doubtful and uncooperative parts of you. Don’t think you’ll ever prove them wrong either. Just roll your eyes at them, like a person of action would do towards any lazy doubter.

If you still want to engage with those parts of you, do that while you’re in motion, not as a prerequisite to action. You may be luckier than Walt. Maybe your inner Elias will eventually come around and say, “I was wrong to ever doubt you. I’m so proud of you. Your success is astonishing. I never knew you could fly with those big, floppy ears of yours.”

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Steve Pavlina

Steve Pavlina is an American self-help author, motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is the author of the web site and the book Personal Development for Smart People.

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