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Free NLP Mindfest Starts Today

Five years ago, Learning Strategies ran a free NLP Mindfest online, which was very popular. They’ve updated the program and and running a new version of it with 14 new presenters, starting today. It runs October 24-30 and covers a variety of personal growth topics such as boosting performance, overcoming anxiety, and improving communication skills.

You can learn more about it, get the details, and sign up here:

NLP Mindfest

In other news, we just finished the Conscious Entrepreneur Workshop yesterday and hugged everyone goodbye. It was a real challenge doing four workshops in four months – especially two of them back to back this month – but I grew a lot from the experience. Today Rachelle and I are driving to Anaheim, California to begin an unusual 30-day experience, and I’ll be blogging about it along the way. You’re invited to join us too:

An Unusual 30-Day Experience

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