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Ultralight: The Zen Habits Guide to Traveling Light & Living Light (short read ebook)


By Leo Babauta

I’m excited to announce the latest “short read” ebook that I’ve written: Ultralight: The Zen Habits Guide to Traveling Light & Living Light.

Traveling light has become one of the joys of my life, shedding the extra weight in return for freedom, lightness, and energy.

This book contains my recommendations and methods for:

  • Breezing through airports
  • Cutting back on clothing
  • Minimizing electronics, toiletries, and more
  • Finding restaurants, apartments, recommendations for where to go
  • What you don’t need to pack
  • Developing a flexible mindset
  • My packing list
  • My favorite travel apps
  • Ultralight backpacking
  • And lots more

I also talk about applying these ideas to simplify the rest of your life, in a “living light” section of the book:

  • Living without too much stuff
  • Cutting back on clothing, books, papers, everything else
  • Finding digital simplicity
  • Dealing with the urge to buy

I’ve found that living simply and traveling light are wonderful ways to live, and I hope you’ll find use out of this book as I’ve tried to put as much useful information as I can.

The Short Ebook & the Package Deal

I’ve written this intentionally as a “short read” … and so I’m pricing it low ($4.99), so more people will be able to buy and use it.

You can buy just the ebook here (in PDF, Kindle & iBooks formats):

Buy the Ebook

But I’ve also created a package with three videos to go along with the ebook:

  1. My favorite travel gear
  2. A packing video that shows what I bring and how I pack it
  3. How I wash clothes simply while traveling

You can buy the package with the video downloads and the ebook in 3 formats here:

Buy the Package


Here’s the table of contents:

Introduction: Why Travel Light? Freedom From Burden
Part I: Ultralight Travel

  • Chapter 1: Traveling Light Isn’t a Competition
  • Chapter 2: What It’s Like to Travel with One Bag
  • Chapter 3: Why We Pack Too Many Clothes, & How to Cut Back
  • Chapter 4: Clothing System
  • Chapter 5: Electronics
  • Chapter 6: Toiletries
  • Chapter 7: Water & Food
  • Chapter 8: What You Don’t Need
  • Chapter 9: Don’t Pack Your Fears
  • Chapter 10: What Bag?
  • Chapter 11: Getting Through Airports
  • Chapter 12: Apartments & Hotels
  • Chapter 13: Getting Around Cities & Where to Go
  • Chapter 14: Longer Trips
  • Chapter 15: Flexible Mind, Flexible Travel
  • Chapter 16: Useful Travel Apps
  • Chapter 17: Travel Miles & Cards
  • Chapter 18: My Packing List
  • Chapter 19: Ultralight Hiking

Part II: Living Lightly

  • Chapter 20: What It’s Like to Live Without Too Much Stuff
  • Chapter 21: Less Clothing
  • Chapter 22: Books & Papers
  • Chapter 23: Less Other Stuff
  • Chapter 24: Electronics & Digital Simplicity
  • Chapter 25: Dealing with the Urge to Buy
  • Chapter 26: A Final Word on Living Lightly

Book Formats

I’ve written the book in PDF, Kindle (mobi) and iBooks (epub) formats. You can buy them all in one compressed file here for $4.99:

Buy the Ebook

If you just want to buy the book from the Amazon Kindle store, you can buy it here for $4.99. That will only be the Kindle format, though. I would love it if you gave me a good review and/or rating! (Note: It should be available in all of the global Amazon stores.)

If you just want to buy the book from the Apple iBooks store, you can buy it here for $4.99. That will only be the iBooks/epub format, though. And again, I would love it if you gave me a good review and/or rating! (Note: It’s available in all of the global iBooks stores.)

Finally, I have the three formats (PDF, mobi, epub) plus a package of three audio guided meditations for $9.99 that you can buy here:

Buy the Package

Table of Contents & Sample Chapters

If you’d like to see the table of contents, plus the introduction and first two chapters, you can download/open the PDF here:

Table of Contents & Sample Chapters


You have questions, I have answers.

Q: What do I get when I buy the ebook?

A: If you buy it using the blue “buy the ebook” button above, you’ll get a compressed zip file … when you decompress it, there will be a folder with the PDF, epub (for iBooks) and mobi (for Kindle) files.

If you buy from the Kindle store, you’ll just get the Kindle book.

If you buy from the iBooks store, you’ll just get the epub version.

And if you buy the package deal, you’ll get the three formats plus links to download three companion videos that I’ve recorded.

Q: Is there a print version? What about an audiobook version?

A: No, sorry. This is only being released as an ebook.

Q: I bought the package, but where are the video files?

A: Open the “Read me” PDF file in the folder you downloaded … there are links to download the video files in the Read me PDF.

Q: Did you do the design yourself?

A: No, I wish! The cover was designed by Dave of Spyre, and the interior was designed by Shawn Mihalik.

Q: I’m hugely disappointed and want my money back!

A: I’m sorry to hear that. There’s a 100% money back guarantee on all my books. Just email support@zenhabits.net and we’ll give you a full refund. I don’t want unhappy customers.

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