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Conscious Conversations

In Conscious Growth Club we’re exploring a new way of providing value for members, which is to have a “conscious conversation” with a very growth-oriented person and invite all members to participate. This is a live video call where I have an interesting conversation with someone, say for about 90 minutes. All members can join the call and participate in a live text chat as we go. So it’s a similar format to how we did the Deep Abundance Integration live calls back in August.

It’s not an interview or a presentation. It really is an organic conversation, so it could go any which way depending on our interests and where the energy wants to flow. These calls are likely to be upbeat, playful, and fun.

With the live chat aspect, CGC members can also participate by sharing feedback, discussing ideas with each other, and asking questions. And then we can use other resources like the forums for follow-up discussion after the call.

We’re doing our first call of this type on Tuesday morning with a fellow member who recently went through a major improvement in his dating and relationship life, so this is a chance to talk more deeply with him about how he did it. And more generally we could also talk about how to go from relationship scarcity to relationship abundance.

I see this as a nice way to explore and share the practical, human side of personal growth. It’s useful to learn how real people tackle real challenges and get real results under real-world conditions. The process is rarely linear.

Presently there are no plans to share these calls outside of CGC. While we could do a call like that, I think it’s better for depth, honesty, and intimacy if we don’t broadcast these outside the group. However, we are going to record and archive these calls, so they’ll be added to the CGC member portal. Consequently, anyone who joins CGC next year or beyond will be able to watch these recordings and also participate in any new calls we do going forward.

For now this is just an experimental idea that we’re testing, but there seems to be enough support for it already that we’re very likely to incorporate it as a permanent feature going forward.

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