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Submersion Transcripts Now Being Added

Lesson transcripts are being added to Submersion this month. The first transcript for lesson 1 has already been published to the Submersion portal. Many more will follow in the weeks ahead until we’ve published all 60 lesson transcripts.

These transcripts are only being lightly edited, so they’re essentially word for word transcriptions of the audios, which can be nice for those who’d like to review the lessons as text.

I estimate that Submersion’s transcripts will total around 250,000 words when they’re completed, so it’s a substantial amount of material. It’s easily digestible in audio form though since it’s only 26 minutes per day on average.

For the ebook version of Deep Abundance Integration, we’re editing the content a lot to make it flow better in written form, which is considerably more work. I anticipate that we’ll have the first volume of 10 lessons published sometime next week. It’s coming in around 65,000 words presently (just for volume 1), but we’re still doing some editing on it.

There’s a lot of overlap between Submersion and Deep Abundance Integration participants. Most people who take one course are also signing up for the other. Some have shared that when they’ve finished one course, they want to continue the journey.

Our main focus for the rest of this month is to continue creating and publishing more supporting material for these two courses.

I expect that these courses will likely still be available 10-20 years from now since the content of both is timeless and universal. So far people from about 70 countries are currently participating, which is great to see.

I’m really enjoying creating these long form courses since it provides the opportunity to explore a topic very deeply and to do so with the most interested people.

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