The Courageous Self-Discipline Challenge

By Leo Babauta

Who among us doesn’t procrastinate? Who comes up with a wonderfully prioritized plan for the day and sticks to it, without putting off the hard stuff and running to distraction or busywork or comfort?

There may be some of you out there who are incredibly disciplined, but I’d say it’s fairly uncommon.

Most of us have trouble with distractions, with doing busywork instead of important work, with going to our comforts like TV, shopping, social media, with procrastination and putting off good habits.

If you recognize yourself in that description, I invite you to join my Courageous Self-Discipline Challenge for August.

I’ll be holding the challenge (starting Monday) in my Sea Change Program, where more than a thousand people will be doing it together, supporting each other.

How will the challenge work? You’ll commit to the challenge publicly (within the Sea Change community), and then do some daily challenges that will have different focuses each week. There will be weekly check-ins to give you accountability, and a live video webinar.

Here are the weekly focuses:

  1. Week 1: Set commitment & intentions, and start.
  2. Week 2: Deepen commitment & focus.
  3. Week 3: Play with your pattern.
  4. Week 4: Find joy in the discipline.

Each week, there will be an article talking about the weekly focus, with instructions for how to do that week’s focus.

You can ask questions in our Sea Change community, and ask me a question directly in the live video webinar.

Join Sea Change today (it’s free for a week, then $15/month) to be a part of the challenge, and get to work on your habits of courageous self-discipline!

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