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Where You Get Your Sense of Self-Worth

Where You Get Your Sense of Self-Worth

By Leo Babauta So much of our difficulties can be entangled with our sense of self worth — from whether we take care of ourselves with good habits to how we are in relationships to how much confidence we have at work. Think about your biggest difficulties (other than problems at a national or global […]

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The Meaning of Fearless Mastery

This week, we’ve opened up enrollment for my deepest program, Fearless Mastery. It’s 20 or so people coming together to support each other’s meaningful work in community, and to get supported by me and our other coaches.

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Overwhelm: The Survival Guide

Feeling overwhelmed with work and personal tasks is one of the biggest problems that the people I work with are facing. It turns out, our lives can be pretty overwhelming. There’s so much to do, never enough time to do it, and who knows what we should be focusing on?