Free Online Launch Training with Jeff Walker Live

If you’d like to learn how to do successful online launches (such as for your book, online course, coaching, or anything else you might sell online), I encourage you to take Jeff Walker’s Free Online Launch Masterclass. It’s free in September 2018 only, and after that it becomes a paid product.

Jeff is the creator of Product Launch Formula, and he’s been teaching people how to do successful online launches since 2005. I’ve personally met people in Jeff’s community who’ve done 7-figure online launches (i.e. earning more than $1 million online in about a week).

A little over a month ago, I launched the Deep Abundance Appreciation course, and more than 750 people joined, which was awesome! The success of this launch was partly due to applying what I learned from Jeff and his community.

Jeff has been doing these trainings for many years, and this is the first time he’s teaching it live with Q&A. He intends to provide about 10 hours of free training this month, and then he’ll offer the new version of PLF for those who want to continue beyond that point.

Jeff is a laid back, encouraging, and down-to-earth teacher who maintains an outdoor adventurer lifestyle. I’d say that his specialty is teaching people with no following and no list how to start doing 5- and 6-figure online launches.

I’ve been active in Jeff’s community since 2016, when I first bought PLF myself. I’ve been to six of Jeff’s life events so far – including speaking at two of them – and I’ve met and talked to dozens of people who’ve gotten good results with PLF. I’ve been in Jeff’s mastermind group since last year, and Rachelle and I will be attending LaunchCon in Orlando in November as well. So I’ve been immersed in this launch community for some time now. I especially like the people it attracts.

Launches are very customizable, so once you learn the basics, you can adapt your own launches to mesh well with your values and do them in your own unique ways. I think you’ll find this an especially rewarding avenue to explore.

If it seems extraordinary to do a launch that earns you an extra $50K or $100K or more in a week or two, I’d recommend opening your eyes to this community and its possibilities. Jeff’s live training is a good place to start. There are stay-at-home Moms doing this sort of thing. I know because I’ve met them. Jeff himself started as a stay-at-home Dad and began doing launches from home. He’ll probably share some stories about that during the training.

Of course there’s work involved if you want to do this – it’s takes effort and patience to be sure – but I think it’s a good fit if you’re looking for a flexible and modern way to earn a living by turning your creative ideas into real value for people. Doing creative launches is a rewarding skill set to develop since you can apply these ideas across different fields, so this can serve you well for many years. It’s a nice approach for explorer types.

Anyway… enjoy Jeff’s free masterclass! I think you’ll find it lively and inspiring. 🙂

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