Making Your Hero’s Journey Real

There’s a major connection between your hero’s journey and your ability to skillfully apply the Subjective Reality lens. Let me ‘splain.

When you consider that this reality could be akin to a dream world or a simulation, it reminds you to step into your power and create your experience now. It’s also a call to be more imaginative and to dream bigger. The subjective lens reminds us all to stop playing small and to stop trying to hide… and sometimes we really hate to hear that even when we so need to hear it.

The biggest apparent challenge people experience with Subjective Reality is consistency. At first it feels like you’re living in two different worlds. There’s the grounded and practical objective world with its many problems to deal with. And then there’s this magical and mysterious subjective realm. And sometimes it seems like these are two very different modes of living.

I think that approaching Subjective Reality this way is what’s holding many people back. Yes, Subjective Reality can seem rather magical sometimes, especially when weird synchronicities are hitting you left and right, and it feels like reality is flipped upside down for a time. When you try to manifest something big, and it shows up in ways you couldn’t have controlled or predicted, that can be a haunting event. It breaks your old model of reality, at least temporarily.

But the more you practice this mindset, the more it begins to feel like it’s just a normal aspect of reality. As you become more comfortable on this path, leveraging the subjective lens becomes more practical and a lot more useful in everyday life. I use this lens pretty much every day in my business, and it’s been serving me well for many years. It also helped attract Rachelle into my life, and that alone made the practice worthwhile.

The main focus of our new Submersion (i.e. Subjective Reality Immersion) deep dive experience is to bring the subjective lens out of the mystical realm and to integrate it as a regular and ongoing part of your daily thinking. It’s about training you to use this lens every day – as part of your normal decision-making process. It’s about getting past the initial wow factor of the hero mode and fully embracing the journey part.

Is it normal for you to access your inner hero every day? Or does it still feel extraordinary and unusual when you tap into that part of yourself?

When you can use the subjective lens regularly and routinely – not just when you’re at your spiritual best – it helps you stay strong when you face seemingly objective challenges. You may still initially feel disempowered when some unexpected problem blindsides you, but you won’t stay stuck for long. You’ll remember that you have this Matrix-like skill. You’ll stop letting the simulation beat you down, and you’ll turn towards the challenge in front of you and turn on your creative power and courage.

Spirituality isn’t just about surrender. Sometimes it’s about fierceness. Can you channel the full ferocity of your spirit when you really need it? How consistent are you? Or do you keep forgetting that you have a light saber on your belt?

In Submersion I speak to the part of you that knows that you’re the hero in this story. We leave the farmer part behind, although we still show compassion for that part of you. Your farmer side has actually served to sculpt your heroic side.

Being able to take something that used to beat you down and make you want to run and hide and turning it into a growth experience is a key aspect of your hero’s journey. At some point we all have to transcend the problems of the farm on Tatooine, pick up the light saber, and face down our personal Death Star – which is often internal rather than external.

In this new deep dive, I don’t want to just help you get in touch with your inner Jedi, wizard, or Neo. I want to help you start owning this part of you so well that we actually get you past that “holy crap… look what I can do now!” phase, so you can graduate to the “just be cool with it because this is who I am now” phase. Stop treating this aspect of reality as such a spastic endeavor. Own it.

When I first began playing with Subjective Reality, it was this wild and crazy side exploration that I didn’t know how to integrate into my life. It just sort of hung out there in subspace, and then there was the real world where I had to deal with various practical problems.

Like many people on this path, I had those occasional glimpses of life in subjective land, but I localized my relationship with it to something like “that weird Ben Kenobi guy” living in the desert alone. I saw the potential and knew there was something to it, but I hadn’t yet given myself permission to fully own that part of life and to admit just how strongly this path resonated with me. Part of me really wanted to dive into it, but it was difficult to give myself permission to do so until years later.

Isn’t it amazing that even when we see the power and potential in our hero’s journey, we still resist it at first? We frustrate our simulators just like every hero in every story initially resists their invitation to go big.

So it’s this particular challenge that we’re tackling head-on in Submersion. This is about transforming a D/s relationship with your simulator (where reality is dominant and you must submit to its will, or where you try in vain to dominate your reality) into a powerful, co-creative experience rooted in trust and understanding.

You can use Subjective Reality to create an amazing life, but you can’t use it to create a life of escape. You can’t use it to run away and hide. Your simulator won’t reward that approach. But you can co-create a story with your simulator that it will support and reward. You’ll probably resist doing that at first.

This isn’t about taking over your simulator and using your mind powers to avoid the scary stuff. This is about recognizing the incredible gifts within our apparent fears and then leveraging those scary invites to be strong, creative, and compassionate.

So far 128 people have signed up for Submersion, and many have already listened to a few lessons. That’s already awesome, but my prediction is that we’ll see hundreds more join within the next few days. (Updated December 12: How true that was… now coming up on 500 sign-ups!)

There’s a real-time counter at the top of the Submersion page, so you can see the latest sign-up count if you wish. I’m delighted to see that so many will be taking this journey together.

If you haven’t already done so, now would be a good time to join. Start this week if you can. The first 12 lessons are already in the new portal, and I expect to create the next batch this week and to add them on December 15. I’m already getting some inspiring feedback on the initial lessons. Remember that even though this is a deep inner journey, we’re co-creating the experience together.

There’s a video on the Submersion page that explains the deep dive pretty thoroughly, so you know what to expect. Just click the play button and watch. You’ll get all of the key details in the first 8 minutes.

If you have any questions about the new deep dive, just ask. And please spread the word among anyone you know who will appreciate this.

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