Trade with swaptree

I think I speak for most financially strapped parents when I say that things you buy for the childrren does not last that long. You give them a video game and that is fun for about two weeks and their interest moves on.

With that in mind, Mark Hexamer started a trading website called, that allows you to trade to the media you want for free.

At Swaptree you can trade the books, DVDs, video games and CDs you have for the ones you want, for free. You simply list the items that you have to trade and the items that you want and Swaptree’s two and three-way trade algorithms instantly shows you all of the items you can receive in trade.

Parents in particular find Swaptree interesting as what parent hasn’t been frustrated when they buy a $55 dollar video game for their child, only for them to get bored of it 2 weeks later and want another, or when they spend $100 on Baby Einstein DVDs, only to have their child quickly move onto the Dora stage. With Swaptree, parents can just list what their children are no longer interested in and trade them for the items they want now.

Swaptree even simplifies the mailing process, by providing you with a perfect postage label that can be printed right from your computer, so you never have to go to the post office. Best of all Swaptree, not only saves you money and allows you to discover new authors and artists, it is also environmentally friendly by reducing consumption and promoting sharing and recycling.

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